5 Genius Garage Organization Tips

 How to Organize your Garage like a Guru

It’s easy to let clutter accumulate in the garage. However, organizing your garage will boost productivity. Here are some 5 tips to help you out.


It’s a garage for crying out loud! Not a dumpsite!


The military came up with a genius mental activity to have soldiers develop a sense of accomplishment in everything they do. A soldier has to make their bed to perfection without leaving a single crease each morning they wake up. This psychological conditioning creates a sense of accomplishment that translates into high productivity throughout the day. This aspect can be applied to any area of your life.

When it comes to organizing and decluttering your house, the finished look always yields a deep sense of pride and achievement. You feel better working in an orderly kitchen, and you’re motivated to learn more when your study area is neat. Nonetheless, most people turn a blind eye to the garage simply because it’s out of sight. Most garages are converted to dump sites where all the junk is placed, making it hard to find essential tools. If you’re here reading out ready to learn how to organize your garage cheaply and effectively? These five ground-rules will get you started.


Decluttering the Garage is always the Initial Step

Reality check number one: when it comes to the world of organizing and interior décor, decluttering will doubtless change your life. Furthermore, there is no point in getting everything in order if you still have a ton of stuff you do not use. Categorize which things are important and which ones are less used. There could also be extra stuff you can do without. A garage sale is a good place to dispose of all that junk. Better than that, you can donate those old toys or anything that’s still in usable condition.

The highest probability is that you have a load of stuff you don’t really need or use.

The point is, you want to clear as much garage space as possible to avoid a future scenario of history repeating itself. In addition to that, once the decluttering stage is complete, it’ll be much easier to remove everything outside so that you can remodel your garage systematically.


Zoning your Garage

This means creating a suitable floor plan for your garage, depending on how big it is. Depending on your garage’s size and how many things you want to store therein, it’s possible to come up with a garage floor plan that utilizes one single corner. To help you achieve this, you may decide to incorporate roller garage shelves and a workbench in that corner to act as extra storage space. Doing this means you might need to look at the wall storage options at your disposal and even the ceiling. Nonetheless, this arrangement makes accessibility of garage shelves for tools much easier and practical. Furthermore, you get to allocate space for the adults and the kids’ stuff.


Walls! Walls! Walls!



You may not need shelves or recycle bins if you are smart with the walls.

Whereas many people place more attention on garage shelves or cabinets for storage purposes, a storage-efficient trend of maximizing on garage walls is quickly becoming the norm. There is a myriad of ways you can clear up garage floor space by making the most of the walls;


Pegboard System:

Smaller equipment and tools such as the hammer, screwdrivers, and your soldering iron may not be conveniently stored using the kit rail system. This smaller equipment can be organized using the pegboard system, which contains more pegs. If you know where to source the best appliances and tools, you may even get a pegboard with hooks and small bins.

The magnetic tool holder:

Similarly, items such as drill bits, wrenches, or even screwdrivers can be attached to a magnetic toolbar fixed on the wall. It only works for metallic items.

Bin wall mount racks:

Got smaller items that you keep misplacing, such as nuts and screws? Worry no more. This impressive bin storage system comes in handy in storing buttons, bolts, nails, beads, and anything else that comes to mind.

The starter kit rail system/ DIY wall panel storage:

Whether you want to store handy garden supplies or your home improvement tools, this system comes with J- and L- hooks and an installation kit with fasteners. Ideal for larger tools.


Garage Shelves and Storage Cabinets

We cannot undermine the magnitude of how garage shelves are indispensable in any car-pack. Garage shelves and storage cabinets come in various designs, including wooden, metallic, wire, or plastic (for the cabinets.) That said, how to organize garage shelves to make the most out of space is the vital topic of discussion.

Garage shelves on walls can be mounted or simply use a portable wire shelving model. If space allows it, a suitable location of cabinets will ensure you keep things out of sight. Remember that these systems are pretty permanent (unless you’re using a portable shelf system.) Another approach would be to purchase a recycling bin and doing a DIY vertical wall mount for your bins or place them in overhead garage storage shelves. If need be, utilize overhead storage systems as much as possible. That said, ensure you deploy a proper labeling system using stickers for the cabinets and, recycling bins especially, to avoid the hassle of locating your apparatus.


Still Got Some Spare Garage Space?

Thought of adding a mudroom with floating shoe racks? This could be an ideal ‘locker room’ for the kids to store their belongings, including toys, shoes, clothes, and the likes. What’s more, it acts as the ideal space to hung items that are not in regular use.




Clearing the clatter gives you sufficient room to work in.

You can do so much more with your garage to create a semblance of order and enable proper workflow. As a finisher tip, since most garages are small, beginner drivers (and even some experienced ones) may have trouble packing the car. In that case you might want to opt for renting a temporary storage unit and free some space in your garage. Or come up with a system to ensure your car fits properly without bumping on your belongings. You can use a hanging ball or cell tape to mark the boundaries.

Which other organizational hack do you have to transform the garage area?


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