The Ultimate List for a Successful Christmas

 The holidays are fast upon us. These days, we don’t even really get to fully enjoy Halloween without also seeing the Christmas decorations sneak their way into the stores. Frankly, it’s stressful! As with many things in my life, I find that a good list helps me calm down. I see before me what needs to be done and feel confident that I can pull it all together on time. So here is the Ultimate List for a Successful Christmas to help you get ready for the holidays (and stress less!) Armed with a good list, anything is possible!
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The Ultimate List for a Successful Christmas

 Christmas supplies


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Outdoor Decorations

  • wreaths for doors
  • wreaths for windows
  • wreath hangers, suction cups or Command Hooks for hanging wreaths
  • Christmas lights
  • electric candles for windows and replacement bulbs (I prefer those with a dusk/dawn sensor.)
  • timer switches
  • extension cords
  • surge protectors
  • decoration for mailbox
  • decorative flags
  • outdoor holiday pillows for rocking chairs, swings, benches etc.
  • garland

Have to say I found this AMAZING product that solves one of life’s little annoying problems. Do you have electric candles that don’t stay up or want to fall off the window sill? Holiday Joy makes a suction cup with a plastic grip that will hold your electric candles in place! Brilliant! Sometimes the little things make a big difference!

Indoor Decorations

  • silk flower decorations
  • garland
  • candles
  • seasonal hand soap or soap dispensers (Again-it’s the little things, right?)
  • holiday pillows and throws (This one from Wayfair is on my list. Too cute!)
  • holiday frames with family pictures
  • holiday stories to share with your children
  • card holder (if you know people who still go old school)
  • mantle scarf

The nice thing about Christmas is you can really go crazy with the decorations. I have a Santa collection that my mother adds to each year. My children like to go around the house and count. Some are large and some are small but each one reminds me of her or a place she has traveled.

Indoor Christmas Decor
Even my book case gets the Christmas touch!

The Tree!

I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in the house! However, I also have an artificial tree that I put on the screened-in porch. It is decorated with natural ornaments and a burlap tree skirt. Try a slim tree on your front porch or tucked in a kitchen corner, anywhere a bit of a distance from your main tree. It’s such an unexpected surprise! I like this one from the Home Depot because it’s 6 1/2 feet, looks realistic, and doesn’t break the bank. Phew! Christmas trees can be expensive! Items to have for your tree include:

  • lights
  • garland or tinsel
  • timer
  • tree topper
  • Green Watering Spout to water your real tree. (With the dipstick this is a life and floor saver!. No more over-watering!)
  • ornaments
  • extra ornament hangers
  • ribbon (if you are one of those talented people who weave ribbon through their tree)
  • tree skirt

Christmas Tree With Ornament
One of my favorite ornaments from a yearly exchange.

Holiday Kitchen Necessities

When friends drop by with baked goods, I love to invite them in for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The several days before and after Christmas people seem to slow down a bit and I love to have guests over. Holiday items to include in your kitchen are:

  • holiday plates, mugs and glasses
  • wine glasses, charms and bottle stoppers with a holiday twist
  • holiday tablecloths, place mats and napkins (both cloth and paper)
  • festive serving pieces (platters, bowls and chip n dip sets. Often I purchase solid red pieces throughout the year for this purpose.)
  • holiday cookie cutters, gingerbread houses and kits
  • mason jars, holiday trays or tins for giving away goodies (Stock up on these at The Dollar Store and craft stores.)
  • Christmas or snow themed zip lock bags for giving away goodies

Christmas Kitchen Items
My Christmas mugs ready for hot chocolate!

Gift Wrapping Necessities

I hate Black Friday. Refuse to go out into the chaos. But I will go out the day after Christmas to stock up on gift wrapping supplies for the following year. I like them to coordinate. So whenever you choose to shop, here are items to have on hand:

  • wrapping paper
  • ribbon
  • bows
  • to/from tags
  • scotch tape
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • pens and sharpies
  • tissue paper
  • bubble wrap
  • fun add ons like inexpensive ornaments or faux berries
  • small and large boxes

I save boxes from Christmas if they are in good shape. Some times I flatten them to make more room. Then, I put them in a plastic bag and place them in the attic. Bugs like cardboard so it is best to put them in a bag.

Gift Wrapping Necessities
Wrapping supplies for my Glam Christmas!

Don’t let Christmas stress you out. This is a season of love and faith. Use the ultimate list for a successful Christmas and hit the stores, assured you will have what you need for a successful and stress-less holiday season. When the last present has been opened and the last new year’s resolution made, check out my post How to Store Holiday Decorations Properly so you precious decorations will be safe AND decorating will be easier next year.
I hope this list has helped you play Santa (check it twice!) so you can be uber prepared for the holidays.  Have something on your list that isn’t on mine?  Please share!
Click HERE for a Printable Version of this list!
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