Turn Your House into a Home

Have you ever contemplated the familiar saying, “Home Sweet Home?” Why don’t we say “House Sweet House” or “Apartment Sweet Apartment”? For many of us, the answer is quite obvious. We see houses everyday- all we need to do is walk along any street, watch television, or flip through a magazine. A house is merely a combination of wood, insulation, wiring, siding, furniture, and other things. But, that’s just the thing. A house is just stuff. It hasn’t evolved into a home yet.  How do you turn a house into a home?

A “home”, on the other hand, means something much more. The trappings of a house don’t become home until we add our personal touch. When we use everyday items to express our personalities, likes, and values-that is when we create a home. To sound cliche, a “Home is Where the Heart Is”.

Turn a House into a Home


Turn Your House into a Home


Express Your Personality

This can change from person to person, but it basically boils down to creating an environment that supports the people or animals we share our space with, creating comfy corners where we lounge reading our favorite books or the morning paper, indulging our senses with soothing smells that waft throughout the rooms, and so much more. To sum it all up, a home is a place where you express your personality, feel comfortable, and seek refuge from the outside.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

This taste of home is comforting and inviting. However, it is important to realize that clutter, expensive furnishings or elaborately designed interiors, doesn’t necessarily make your house a home. This process of turning a house into a home can range anywhere from selecting the perfect calming color of paint for our bedroom to decluttering our closets. Afterall, we want to surround ourselves with things that calm our souls and make us feel happy. Thankfully, with a few mindful choices we can create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that can transform any living space into home.


Whether you are moving to a new space, or just want to update your current living quarters, please read the following infographic for more information and ideas on to how to make your house a home:



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