The Mollie Ollie Mimmo Caddy: Storage Powerhouse

A representative from Mollie Ollie offered to send me the Mimmo Caddy for my honest review. All opinions below are my true reaction. (Hint: I loved this product!) Follow them on social media for great ideas on how to use this storage powerhouse: IG:@mollieollie, FB:@MollieOllieMO.  For a limited time use code 10DariaH and get 10% off the Mimmo Caddy:  Visit Mollie Ollie to learn how to get a 15% discount.


I jumped at the chance to try out Mollie Ollie’s Mimmo Caddy because I love any organizational product (big surprise, I know) and I love compartments! I get a little giddy when I see small places. I immediately start to run through a catalog of things in my head that would fit perfectly in the space. Let me just give you a quick run down of all the nooks and crannies of the Mimmo Caddy.

  • Central compartment that is divided into three compartments. The divider can also be removed so there is one large central compartment or two compartments.
  • Single pocket on the end
  • Zippered pocket on the other end with a velcro inner pocket and elasticized bands for small items
  • Three compartments on each of the long sides


The Mimmo Caddy is a storage powerhouse. 

When I looked up the Mimmo Caddy online I saw several pictures for its use as a diaper caddy. Very smart. This caddy has loads of spots for all the (many) items a baby needs. But my baby just turned 21.


Pinterest image for Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie



The Mimmo Caddy as a Car Organizer


My first inkling was to use the Mimmo Caddy as a car organizer. I spend a decent amount of time in my car driving to clients or buying supplies at various stores. Plus, my bestie moved 3 hours away (luckily to the beach) so I take a fair amount of road trips. And while I have a center console, who wants to dig around in there? The caddy keeps everything I need close at hand. If I’m going to have a passenger, I just grab the sturdy felt handles and move the caddy to the back seat. The bottom is reinforced so the caddy doesn’t sag when you carry it around. And, the caddy holds it shape even when it’s empty so it’s easy to pack.

This is what I loaded up into my Mimmo Car Caddy:

  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Clean hands and a clean phone in an instant.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito wipes. Impromptu park date? No problem!
  • Notepad, sticky notes, pens and a pencil. When an idea strikes I’ll be ready. I’ll also be ready to leave a note anywhere I need to.
  • Personal items like hand lotion, Carmex, band aids, Kleenex and a nail file.
  • Glasses wipes
  • Towel in case of spills
  • Umbrella
  • Lint roller

Here are some pictures of how I’ve arranged my car caddy:













I could fit even MORE in there! The website says the Mimmo Caddy can hold up to 50 pounds so I won’t be shy about stuffing more in there 🙂 


Another thing I read, the soft but sturdy felt material is chemical free. I just love a company that keeps our health in mind.


The Mimmo Caddy As A Craft Organizer


From painting to knitting, scrapbooking to needlepoint, the Mimmo Caddy is a crafter’s dream. Many times it’s hard to find a dedicated space in a busy household to spread out your craft supplies. So what usually happens is they get stuffed into a closet and never used. Which is sad because I don’t know about you but sometimes my hobby (needlepoint) saves my sanity. With the Mimmo Caddy you’ll have a compact place to hold LOTS of supplies, making it easy to grab your stash and get to work having fun!

When the Mimmo Caddy arrived, my son’s girlfriend immediately loaded it up with art supplies to try it out. Here are some pictures:


example of Mimmo Caddy as a craft caddy
example of Mimmo Caddy as a craft caddie













As you can see, she barely scratched the surface for how much she could put in there. Then again, the majority of her art supplies are back at college; these are only the supplies I offloaded to her.

I took the caddy right back and loaded it up with MY craft supplies for needlepoint. In Covid times, my needlepoint group met at the art museum to stitch outside in the gardens. The caddy made it easy to have all my supplies on hand. Grab and go. I also basically always have my needlepoint project with me. I’ll stitch in the car, on the beach-basically anywhere. So to be able to grab my Mimmo Caddy and go is huge. Here’s a picture of the caddy loaded up with my needlepoint gear.


example of Mimmo Caddy for craft storage

Example of Mimmo Caddy for craft storage

Example of Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie as craft storage


The caddy is holding:

  • My needlepoint canvas. I could also remove the dividers (attached with velcro) if I had a larger canvas
  • thread
  • Stitches to Go book
  • regular scissors and scissors for ripping out stitches
  • small flat iron to iron threads (yes, that really happens sometimes!)
  • wooden stretcher bars to attach my canvas to, preventing distortion
  • wipes to keep my hands clean
  • small jar to hold scraps

The Mimmo Caddy is going to get lots of use in my house.


Other Ideas

There are so many potential uses for Mollie Ollie’s Mimmo Caddy. Off the top of my head, I think it could be used for:

  • car caddy to hold activities, books and snacks for your child. Perfect for everyday use or on car trips.
  • to hold paper plates, napkins, utensils and non-refrigerated items for a picnic
  • for teachers to haul supplies and papers to grade back and forth from school
  • homework caddy; bring it out in the afternoon and put it back in the pantry or closet when dinnertime comes

I’m sure you can think of even more!

I love it when I can truly gush over a product. Do yourself a favor and get a Mimmo Caddy (or two or three). You won’t be sorry. Trust me, it’s going to make your life easier.

Don’t forget that you can get 10% off the Mimmo Caddy with the code 10DariaH at

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