Project Completed Under Budget!

I really enjoyed working with Daria. She is very responsive and pleasant throughout the whole process. She came over to do a consultation and discuss my strict budget. I showed her all the spaces on my “wish list” for organization. I explained to her the little things that mattered to me (I am petite, so I didn’t want important things up high, but I have dogs and a 3 year old, so I needed items off the floor). She came back during the day while I was at work. I left out items I had found that could be used (baskets, storage items). She texted me when she had questions. When I came home, I was pleased to find that ALL of the spaces on my wish list were organized (I thought she would only get around to 2 or 3). She used as many of my own storage items and baskets as she could, which minimized my supply cost. She did a great job of “matching” items (keeping toy pieces together, cups/lids matched) and she left out miscellaneous pieces for me to decide to throw away. She also removed any expired food or medicines (she did not go through my personal Rxs as a courtesy to my privacy, which I appreciated). She left notes with her logic, as well as tips to keep my space organized. She also left copies of receipts of items purchased. She stayed under my budget, which was very important to me.

Overall, I am extremely happy. Even my Italian mother-in-law complimented her work! I would recommend her to others, and I will call her back in to help me again!