Turn Your House into a Home

Have you ever contemplated the familiar saying, “Home Sweet Home?” Why don’t we say “House Sweet House” or “Apartment Sweet Apartment”? For many of us, the answer is quite obvious. We see houses everyday- all we need to do is … Read More

Break In Your New House to Make It Feel Like Home

Congratulations on your new home!     There’s something satisfying about that moment after you’re finally done carrying boxes, and you are really home. Except… your new house isn’t always going to feel like home. There’s kind of a reason … Read More

5 Essential Organizing Tools for Your Home

Whenever I enter a client’s home to discuss organizing a specific area, I encourage them to hold off on purchasing cute bins and baskets, files and folders, and all the other beautiful organizing products they see in the stores. Why? … Read More

Essential Elements of an Awesome Command Center

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”  I love that quote.  Because it’s so true!  Want your days to run smoothly?  Want to accomplish your to do list and still have time for fun?  All it takes is a little planning.For … Read More

Yes! I want my life organized!