The Best Way to Store Your Hockey Gear

Do you have a hockey player in the house? If so, then you know it comes with a lot of gear. This infographic makes organizing your hockey gear straightforward and easy!   Click arrows in the bottom right corner to … Read More

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Garage Organized

The garage is probably one of the hardest parts of the home to keep maintained. Between all of the camping goods, tools, food storage, childhood keepsakes, and kids’ soccer balls…is there even room to store your car? The garage can … Read More

All About Your Garage: Sports Equipment

Over the years hubby and I threw every sport imaginable at our son, wondering which one would stick. He didn’t like basketball. He didn’t like soccer. He liked flag football…until it turned into tackle football. Roller hockey was good for … Read More

All About Your Garage: Cool Organizing Tools

Often when I work with others to organize their homes I use what they have on hand. I improvise. The garage, however, is one area of the home where having the right organizing tools really pays off in functionality. Unless … Read More

All About Your Garage: Organization 101

It IS Possible to Fit 2 Cars in a Garage Driving around my neighborhood, most houses have a car in the driveway-and not because they own three cars. Often, the garage becomes a holding area for items we’re not sure … Read More

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