How Decluttering Can Earn You Cash

Marie Kondo has become famous for her ability to encourage people to live simple lives and declutter. According to her methods, it’s most important to only keep the items that truly spark joy. As the Spring season rolls around, it’s a … Read More

Awesome Clutter Free Gifts for Kids

  Are you SUPER PUMPED to have loads more toys in your house? I thought not. So many parents I know use the term “swimming in toys” with me. There is a way to give your child a magical present … Read More

The 5 Best Ways to Keep Clutter Away

Clutter can be overwhelming. The new move into a more minimal lifestyle emphasizes that when we get rid of a life of too much ‘stuff’, we live more freely. Keep clutter away and you will be able to focus on … Read More

Cut Clutter by Saying No

When I tell people I am a professional organizer they often exclaim “boy do I need you!” What follows is usually a description of the room that is overflowing with clutter in their home. (Master bedroom closets, pantries, and garages … Read More

How to Sustainably Dispose of Clutter

As simple as it is to throw all your clutter into the garbage, it might not be the most sustainable option. Think about it — Americans create anywhere between 250 and 400 million tons of trash every single year, and … Read More

How to Organize Your Home Decoration Project

Completing a home decoration project can be time-consuming. When confronted with redesigning a home’s décor, it is easy to become overwhelmed with deciding what to keep and what to discard. On top of that, shopping for a home can be … Read More

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