Steps for Planning an Important Event 

When planning a party, you need to prioritize. Invitations. Venue. Food. Entertainment. Those are the four things required to make a party happen. Take those four things and turn them up to ten, and you’ve got an epic party.


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Step One: Invitations


First things first; who and what is the party for? Who do you plan to invite? Make your guest list and decide on the type of invitation you will be using. Will you mail paper invitations, or send out electronic invites? Or do you plan on utilizing social media to get the word out about your party?


Send out the invitations at least one month before the date of the party. Be sure to request RSVPs so that you know how large your venue needs to be and how much food to provide for your guests.


Step Two: Venue


Your location is important. You will need a venue large enough to host all your guests comfortably. You will also need to make sure that the site is suitable for your live entertainment.


If you pick a spot for your party that is already amazing and has a “Wow” factor, you won’t need a large decorating budget. Let the venue’s decor speak for itself.


Depending on the location, you may need to book it months ahead of time. Some popular venues will need to be booked a year in advance. Make sure you have checked with the venue in advance so that you can get the booking date you desire.


Step Three: Food


You will need to decide on a menu. Will you be serving finger foods and hors d’oeuvres, or will you provide your guests with a serve-yourself buffet? Or do you plan to go all out and provide a sit-down catered meal? Whatever you decide to serve, make sure it is something your guest will be excited to eat (and even more excited to photograph!)


Once you have your RSVPs in, you will be able to get a reasonable estimate of how many people you will be feeding. If you are having your event catered, you will need to place the food order at least two weeks before the party.


Step Four: Entertainment


You want your party to be memorable, so you will need to hire talent that your guests will remember long after the party is over. The entertainment can make or break a party, so make sure you hire the right talent for your guests.


Every party needs music. Make sure your party has the appropriate music. Would your guests like a live band, or would they prefer a DJ? Or would you rather go with a quiet background three string quartet for ambiance music?


You will also need to make sure your entertainment has everything they need from the venue to perform their best. Make sure your entertainers have the staging area, electricity, and lighting they need for their performance.


Planning an Important Event: Conclusion


There you have it – the four main steps for planning an important event. Prioritize and have fun with it, and your event is sure to be a success.


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