How To Ensure Spring Cleaning Leaves Your Home More Organized



By spring time, we’re more than ready to return to the hustle and bustle that comes with nicer weather. It might even inspire you to take on the annual task of spring cleaning. This is not typically your average session of tidying up either. Let the season be the reason you finally take on a few small projects that will leave your home in great shape to stay cleaner throughout the year. Check out these tips on how you can avoid falling in the trap of just cleaning and ensure your work has a lasting impact.


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As a frequently used common area, our kitchens tend to take a lot of wear and tear. In our day to day life, we know how easy it is to just throw things like Tupperware into that one cupboard you hate opening. This is exactly the kind of thing you can target during your spring cleaning. Our spaces that lack organization or the proper storage solutions are why our homes often return to  a messy state not long after we clean. Take this time to find a Tupperware rack or replace your mixed collection for a set designed with storage in mind. There are a number of other space-maximizing tools, so be sure to check out different kitchen storage essentials for ideas to solve your personal needs.


With all the counterspace, islands, or tables in your kitchen and dining area, it leaves a lot of surface for items to pile up. While you’re looking for more permanent solutions to solve the mess, consider hanging a mail sorter, or a coat rack to help keep some of these items off your counters or hanging off the backs of chairs.




We start our day in our bedrooms so it’s extra important to make sure they are free of clutter. Studies have shown a correlation between clutter and stress, so we should be sure that we pay attention to our rooms while we are spring cleaning. Ticket stubs, book stacks and countless other things can accumulate in our rooms. It might be time to purchase a book shelf or upgrade to a bigger one.


Our closets are also notorious keepers of clutter. Of course, things tend to pile up as it’s likely already filled to the brim with your wardrobe. Use this opportunity to reevaluate how much of this clothing is even in your regular rotation. Most Americans only wear a small fraction of their clothes. Make space in your closet to help free up room for other things that need a home to keep your bedroom clean. These unwanted items can easily be cleared out by selling your clothes online and be rid of them for good.


Home Office


Whether you have the option to work at home or just have the set up for personal use, a home office space is another spot that tends to gather things. We often toss bills, mail, or other papers on the desk and forget about them. Perhaps you have bulkier supplies like books or binders that need somewhere to go. Through the organization of your home office space you may even be able to make use of this valuable real-estate for additional storage. Find the right office storage solutions and prevent your desk from becoming a catch-all and an eye sore.


Updating these areas of your home while you’re spring cleaning makes the spaces more efficient. If the rooms in your home can be utilized better and your belongings have places they can easily return to when they’re not in use, then you can be sure your work this spring will have a stronger impact throughout the year.


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