Simply Earth: The Easy Way To a Natural Home

As a professional organizer it’s just natural for me to concern myself with not only the functionality of your home but the beauty and health of it as well.  My mantra is that your home is your haven. That haven should be a place of ultimate peace and health. I love to share with my clients what I’ve learned from my journey towards a more natural home using essential oils. Imagine my delight when I discovered an essential oil company that provides pure oils at a reasonable cost in an educational, fun way! Introducing Simply Earth: The Easy Way to a Natural Home.


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I’m sure you want to learn about what makes Simply Earth  special. There are a lot of essential oil companies out there.  What makes Simply Earth among the best? And what makes them different?



Let’s just start with cost. Our wallet is a reasonable concern whenever we shop, and essential oils can be very expensive. I say can be-not have to be. Simply Earth essential oils are very reasonably priced.

For example, let’s take Bergamot (my absolute FAVE). Theirs (you know who I’m talking about-the big company with home parties) is $36.67 and the price for the same size oil from Simply Earth is $13.99.

How you ask? It’s very simple (pun intended). Simply Earth is not a multi-level marketing company.  They cut out the middlemen and therefore don’t need to charge a ton of money.

The other two big essential oil companies are MLM. You buy from Sally (who gets a cut of the price), who has an upline Jane (who gets a cut of the price) who has an upline Sue (who gets a cut of the price and a free trip to Hawaii each year.) Super for Sue, but I don’t want to have to pay for that. Two kids in college and all.

Plus, with reasonable prices we can afford to try different oils and use them without fear of using them up.

But wait, you may ask, is the quality the same?


All essential oils are not comparable. If you want the true benefits of essential oils, you need pure oils that are extracted from the plant properly. Personally I use essential oils not just because they smell nice (which they do) but because they provide healing and emotional benefits. Therefore I want real oil.

Simply Earth sources their oils from the regions where the plants thrive. They are distilled properly (cold pressed or steam distilled based on the part of the plant used) and each batch is tested by a third party for purity. You can read more about their commitment to quality on their Simply Pure Promise page.

The Subscription Box

Maybe you’ve purchased oils in the past and thought “Cool! Now what do I do?” Perhaps you scoured the internet or Pinterest for ways to use these bright new shiny essential oils.

Simply Earth makes it easy for you to use and enjoy your oils-and convert your home to a natural home too with their Recipe Box. The Simply Earth aromatherapists create recipes and deliver these with everything you need to create them to your door monthly. At a phenomenal price. It’s fun and easy to create the recipes and start enjoying your oils right away.

The first box that arrives is the bonus box which contains a few extras that you’ll use for months to come. Plus, you’ll get your first month’s Recipe Box which contains oils, recipes cards, and items needed to create the recipes.  Every month after you’ll get a new recipe box with different oils to try and different recipes to make. FUN!!

Remember: Use my code YOLOilsFree and receive a free $20 egift card with your first box and bonus box.


Simply Earth Big Bonus Box Insert Card, Essential Oils, Natural Home

For example, my bonus box arrived with my January box and contained ALL THIS :

  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Ravensara essential oil
  • Myrrh essential oil
  • Farewell Scars essential oil blend
  • Recipes for :
    • Skin Healing Booster Roll On
    • Lip Rejuvenating Lip Balm
    • Relaxing Textured Massage Bar
    • Calming and Uplifting Body Butter
    • Confidence Diffuser Blend
    • Skin Renewal Sugar Scrub
  • Solid Coconut Oil
  • Liquid Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Beeswax, Tapoica Pearls and a silicone soap mold
  • 2 lip balm tubes
  • 1 amber glass jar for the body butter
  • 6 roller balls
  • 6 small amber bottles

Wow, right? How fun is this? I set right about making my Calming and Uplifing Body Butter. It smells ah-mazing and it sits on my bedside table so I can use it every night and every morning. It’s so decadent.

One more time: Use my code YOLOilsFree and receive a free $20 egift card with your first box and bonus box.

Of course, you do not have to enroll in the Recipe Box program, you can shop for single oils, diffusers and other essential oil musts on an as needed basis.


Doing Good with Your Purchase

When we shop we vote with our wallets. It feels good to purchase from a company that isn’t just out for their bottom line, but is trying to make the world a better place.

Simply Earth gives 13% of each purchase to organizations that fight human trafficking. Why 13%? Sadly, 13 is the average age that an individual is forced into human trafficking. Learn about how Simply Earth helps and the organizations they support here.


Simply Earth: The Easy Way to a Natural Home

I firmly believe that essential oils should be a part of a healthy home. When I first started using essential oils I loved how my home smelled so wonderful. I immediately started to recognize toxic type smells.

Next I started to use essential oils to clean with-another way to remove toxic items from my home.

Finally I realized essential oils can be a first line of defense when I’m not feeling my best-both emotionally and physically. This is fodder for future posts for sure.

In the end, you deserve a functional, beautiful and healthy home. Simply Earth can help with that last one. Simply Earth: the easy way to a natural home. Give them a try. You’ll be so glad you did.


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