Simply Earth Essential Oils for Women

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Did you know May is Women’s Health month? I remembered this when I opened my Simply Earth May essential oils box. This box is full of essential oils for women: to support hormonal balance, ease PMS symptoms and promote relaxation. Time to focus on ourselves ladies! I personally am going to dive right into making the solid perfume!

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The May Subscription Box:

  • Marjoram essential oil
  • Tangerine essential oil
  • Ladies Choice essential oil blend
  • Good Vibes essential oil blend
  • Dried Lavender Flowers
  • Containers for solid perfume and face serum
  • Cute stickers to label your DIY recipes
  • 6 recipe cards including:
    • Positivity solid perfume
    • Complexion face serun
    • Balance bath soak
    • Cramp Care compress
    • Good Vibes roll on
    • Spring Day diffuser blend


What I really love about Simply Earth and the subscription box is that it teaches me how to use essential oils to make my life and home healthier. Plus, it’s just SO FUN!

Properties of the Oils in the May Box


  • Calms and warms
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Helps provide comfort from symptoms of common seasonal illnesses
  • Provides relief from women’s monthly discomfort
  • Soothes tight, tired muscles



  • Refreshes and rejuvenates
  • Clears the mind
  • Reduces nervous tension
  • Supports the immune system
  • Quells queasy stomach


Ladies’ Choice

  • relieves PMS symptoms


Good Vibes

  • Supports hormonal balance


How the Subscription Box Works

Simply Earth makes it easy for you to use and enjoy your oils-and convert your home to a natural home too with their Recipe Box. The Simply Earth aromatherapists create recipes and deliver these with everything you need to create them to your door monthly. At a phenomenal price. It’s fun and easy to create the recipes and start enjoying your oils right away.

The first box that arrives is the bonus box which contains a few extras that you’ll use for months to come. Plus, you’ll get your first month’s Recipe Box which contains oils, recipes cards, and items needed to create the recipes.  Every month after you’ll get a new recipe box with different oils to try and different recipes to make. FUN!!

Remember: Use my code YOLOilsFree and receive a free $40 egift card with your first box and bonus box.


Chart to explain how the Simply Earth subscription boxes work

Simply Earth Cares

Simply Earth partners with various organizations that help to end human trafficking. On the back of the Positivity solid perfume recipe card I learned that this month Simply Earth is partnering with Dton Naam.

Dton Naam Ministries offers boys and transgender sex workers the opportunity to leave prostitution and helps them to rebuild their lives holistically by providing education, healthcare, counseling, and vocational skills training. 13% of all profits in April will go to Dton Naam (Why 13%?  13 is the average age at which a girl or boy becomes involved in human trafficking.)



No review would be complete without the mention of cost. Simply Earth essential oils are very reasonably priced.Simply Earth is not a multi-level marketing company. No middlemen means don’t need to charge a ton of money.

For example, let’s take Frankincense, a powerful oil you definitely want in your arsenol. Theirs (you know who I’m talking about-the big company with home parties) is $99.34 retail and $75.50 wholesale. The price for the same size oil from Simply Earth is $19.99. Wow.

Reasonable prices means you can afford to try different oils and use them without fear of using them up.



All essential oils are not comparable. If you want the true benefits of essential oils, you need pure oils that are extracted from the plant properly.

Simply Earth sources their oils from the regions where the plants thrive. They are distilled properly (cold pressed or steam distilled based on the part of the plant used) and each batch is tested by a third party for purity. You can read more about their commitment to quality on their Simply Pure Promise page.


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