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If you’ve landed on this article then chances are you love your pet! Animals bring such joy and love into our homes, but, to be honest, taking good care of a pet is a lot of work. However, with a little bit of planning and organization, regular care of your pet will be easy and enjoyable. Here are my favorite simple ways to organize pet supplies.


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Feeding Your Pet

Obviously you need to feed your pets! I prefer to keep my pet’s food in canisters. My greyhound Pippi eats almost 4 cups of food each day and so has a large tin. I picked up the cute one below from Home Goods. I keep a one cup scoop inside so it’s always handy. My tiny rat terrier only gets 1/3 cup of food twice a day (doctor’s orders), so she has a smaller tub and scoop. Basically, I find that keeping the food in a tub or tin serves two purposes: to keep the smell at bay and to keep your pet from trying to get into the bag for extras! Taking regular care of your pet is the best way to show them you love them!

Pet Health

Our pets rely on us to take care of them and protect their health. For instance, they need:

  • flea and tick medicine
  • supplements
  • other medicine if needed, such as heartworm prevention

They also require grooming care:

  • regular brushing
  • brushing their teeth
  • cleaning their ears
  • trimming their nails
  • bathing*

To ensure that I do not forget to take regular care of my pets I do two things:

  1. schedule a monthly “dog day” on the same day every month (for me it’s the 5th of the month.) This is the day the dogs get flea and tick medicine, supplements, nails trimmed and ears cleaned.
  2. Keep a tray with items I will need often to care for them: toothbrush and paste, minty treats, and brush. A great place to keep this is at the entryway or in a corner of the kitchen. I just happen to have an extra crate lying around so I’m totally doing this project pictured below for my dogs Pippi (greyhound) and Ginger (rat terrier). Mine will have the toothbrush, paste, brush etc inside though.

(I SWEAR by the Furminator. While both of my dogs (and my daughter’s visiting cat) have short hair, the shedding is still ridiculous. The Furminator really gets at the undercoat and drastically reduces the amount of hair in my house.)

Photo: Flynnside Out Productions


The point is that you’ll need reminders-either in the form of alerts on your phone, a set time in your calendar or visual reminders-that you need to attend to your pet’s heath and well being.

*If you are unsure how often to bathe your pet, a general rule is once every 3 months, but it depends on hair length, activity level and skin conditions.

Pet Exercise and Toys

Pets need regular exercise to stay healthy and stave off boredom. Walking, throwing a ball or frisbee, squeaky toys, or-as in the case of my daughter’s cat Rory-a peacock feather. A variety of toys keeps your pet happy and out of trouble.

Do you ever wonder, what is the best interactive toy or automatic fetching machine for my dog? has done the research for you and has reviews on hundreds of products in many categories to take the pain out of purchasing the best for your dog. Visit their website for the lowdown on dog accessories, essentials, food, grooming items and more.

I’ve found the best way to have toys at the ready is with a cute basket or bin. I keep one upstairs in the game room for the dog toys. I’m completely in love with this rope cat basket and I think my grandcat is going to have to have that for her many toys 🙂


rope cat basket from Amazon

If you have a dog that plays outside, keep a bin of toys either in the garage or on the porch. One with a lid will keep out dust and dirt.

Traveling with Your Pet

Perhaps you take Fido to the dog park for socializing or exercise. Or, perhaps you take your pets with you when you travel out of town. Either way, you’re going to need several items to make this easy and safe for your pet.

  • a harness to keep your dog safe while traveling
  • a pet carrier for small pets if traveling via airplane
  • collapsible bowls for water anytime you leave the house with your pet and food bowl if you are traveling for a long period of time
  • leash
  • poopy bags
  • hand sanitizer (I keep a small one attached to my dog’s leash for after poopy pick up.)
  • towel to dry your pet off if they get wet or muddy


Our pets add so much joy to our lives. I personally can’t imagine living without one. I mean, who else is that insanely happy when you return home only if you’ve been gone a half an hour? Taking care of our pets can be much easier with a little organization.


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