How To Schedule Your Week For Sanity (and Use My Free Printable)

I’m a forms girl. I love forms! I’ve made many over the years to make my life run easier. I use “My Organized Week” with clients to help them create a schedule that works for their life. We all have lots to accomplish but we need to refrain from making ourselves crazy and leave a little time for life in there. Too often I see women who are so overly busy they don’t have time for the things in life that they truly value. The week ends and they realize they haven’t had any time to have a meaningful interaction with their spouse or child, or focus on their health. Here’s how to schedule your week for sanity.


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Schedule Your Week for Sanity


How To Schedule Your Week for Sanity


First, print out my form:

 My Organized Week

The Brain Dump

Let’s take a look at how to schedule your week in a way that works for you.

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write down every chore you have to do in a given week. Make this list exhaustive. Here’s just a few of the things you might include:
  •  laundry
  • cleaning
  • planning and making meals
  • specific errands like grocery shopping, dry cleaning
  • pet related tasks like walking, brushing and feeding the dog
  • bill paying
  • filling your vitamin bin
  • reviewing the next day’s calendar
  • and on and on…

2) Next to each chore, write down who is in charge of that chore. This helped me realize that I was personally not utilizing my other family members and was doing it all myself. I realized there wasn’t any reason my kids couldn’t take care of our dogs and my husband actually likes to mow the lawn etc. Now you should be left with the tasks you are in charge of. (Ugh! I hate ending a sentence with a preposition! That goes back to my journalism days. Sorry!)

Your Calendar Is Your Friend

3) Take out a paper calendar and write down all standing appointments for the week-exercise classes, sports activities, your children’s music or dance classes etc. There are so many pretty calendars to choose from. A Google search on pretty calendars/images will bring up anything your heart could desire.)

4) Now, looking at the filled out calendar, you will easily be able to see which days of the week are your busiest with outside activities. These are the days you will want to schedule your easiest household tasks. For me, these are washing towels and cleaning the laundry room. My most time intensive tasks are dusting and cleaning the bathrooms.

Using My Free Printable

Now let’s take a look at the My Productive Week FREE printable! (Print yours out now so you can follow along!)

The first section of the form includes Daily Morning Tasks. These are chores which are designed to be attended to first thing in the morning.  Get them out of the way. There are boxes next to each line so that you can insert a family member’s initials to indicate they are responsible for that task. (My children get their own form. You can do this or make one family form. Whichever works best for you.)

The next section is a grid for cleaning and laundry day by day.

Next is a section for Daily Evening Tasks. These are chores which you’d like to do so that the following day will proceed more smoothly. For example, running the dishwasher, making lunches, reviewing the calendar etc.

The final section is Super Sunday Tasks. These are chores which you do each Sunday to ensure a productive week, one where you are not flying by the seat of your pants. That’s stressful!  For instance, planning out the week’s meals, making a grocery store list, and syncing your devices.

And that is how you schedule your week!

A Peek at My Personal Form

This is my personal form. Again, my children have their own form since they are teenagers and would rather not have mama tell them what to do. So the form tells them 🙂 Pictured below is my form, these are tasks for which I am personally responsible each week.

My Organized Week Form

For me, this is a set form. It does not change from week to week. This way, I can work my chores around my appointments and other things I want to do (like blog!) or I can work my appointments around my chores. In addition, this form allows me to be a bit flexible. If I have an emergency come up on Thursday, for example, I know that I will have missed dusting and laundering the dogs’ blankets etc. So I can then make a plan to do those chores at another time. I have specifically designed my week so that I do not clean or do laundry on the weekends. That time is set aside for family fun and Super Sunday tasks.

I hope this form helps you restore order to your week. Remember, schedule your week and you’ll be able to make time for what nurtures you. I’d love to hear how you personally are using this form. Have any questions specific to your situation? Please reach out!

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Andrew

    Nice article, Daria!
    I too am a great believer in forms and checklists, even if most of the ones I use are now digital. Being clear about the week (or weekend, or day) ahead is crucial for being organized and maintaining order in a busy world!

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you! I very much agree-being mindful of our time is so important in our overscheduled world!

  2. Jennifer

    Love this form and I especially like the idea of the kids having their own to follow. Thanks for the free printable and idea!

    • Daria Harvey

      You are certainly welcome! Thanks for reading!

  3. gigi

    I really like your form. I like how you have “to clean” and “to wash” boxes. Thank you for sharing your printable!

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you like it!

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