Practical Tips for Bathroom Organization

Your bathroom is perhaps the most intimate place in your home — it’s where you can rest and relax or get some alone time in the shower or bath. And now, especially if you’re working from home and also have kids who are homeschooling, you need your bathroom to be more of an oasis than ever. Plus, you also need it to stay organized — especially if it’s seeing more foot traffic than usual. 

Fortunately, those issues go hand in hand because a decluttered and organized bathroom is a serene bathroom. So, below are some practical tips and advice to best organize your bathroom to prevent clutter, store your bathroom essentials and create a relaxing ambiance. 


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Create Extra Storage Space


One of the most important aspects is to have plenty of space for all of your belongings. Specifically, if you give everything a home, it’s going to be much easier to know where to put it when you’re done using it — as well as where to find it when you need it. But, don’t feel pressured to get it right the first time. Instead, try assigning a spot to everything in your bathroom and change it up depending on your habits. For example, see what you usually reach for on a daily basis and place it somewhere more accessible. Then, move the items you use less often to the back of the cabinet. 

Meanwhile, if you’re renting an apartment — especially in a big city — you likely have a small bathroom. In that case, there’s surely some space you’re not using where you can incorporate some sort of storage. For example: 

  • Place a tension rod across the shower

Using S-clips on a tension rod, hang your loofah and other items that need to dry between uses. Or, use paper clips to hang products and make them easily accessible when you’re in the shower. Not only is it handy, but it’s also easier to keep it clean, as well. 

  • Make use of vertical space

Vertical space is the holy grail of extra storage. Specifically, use floating shelves above your toilet seat or next to the vanity mirror. Or, add a ladder-type storage right next to your shower. Then, store larger items at the bottom and smaller products at the top. Plus, they’ll be easy to reach from the shower, as well.

  • Add a curved shelving unit around a pedestal sink

The storage space below the sink is a great place to store cleaning supplies. However, if you have a pedestal sink rather than cabinets, it’s much harder to create storage space there — but not impossible. In fact, curved shelving units fit perfectly around pedestal sinks. Just make sure you find one that fits your space and use the area to store products and items you use on a daily basis.

  • Hang baskets inside cabinet doors

If your cabinets are too small, maximize space by hanging baskets on the inside of the door. If you take this route, be sure to secure them properly and not to store anything too heavy in them to reduce the risk of rupture. 

  • Use a tension rod inside cabinets

You could also place a tension rod inside your cabinets and use S-hooks to hang spray bottles, cloths and gloves. Then, you’re left with plenty of space to store taller bottles or cleaning products, which could be difficult to hide otherwise. 


Decant Your Products


To give your bathroom a cohesive look, pour your products into glass containers. This way, you can buy in bulk and reduce both your plastic consumption and your budget. Plus, the top of your cabinets won’t look like a random collection of mismatched plastic bottles, but rather like an organized collection. Decanters are also better for your reusable items — especially cotton or reusable pads, which could otherwise collect dust and become contaminated. 


Group Items Together


  • Use turntables

If you store products in cabinets, it’s much easier to use spinning trays to make the products in the back more accessible. This will save you a lot of frustration when you’re in a hurry and need to reach a certain product. 

  • Assign drawer space to each item

If other members of your household use the same bathroom, it’s important that each person has their own space. That’s why assigning drawer space is crucial. You can also do this with any sort of container, from file organizers to utensil trays. Just make sure you label each person’s space so they know where they should keep their belongings. 

  • Create elegant arrangements for the items you use most frequently

If you’re using decanters, create easy and beautiful displays on top of your cabinets. For instance, on a wooden tray, keep a few glass bottles of products you use every day, as well as a few rolled up towels, a candle and a small plant to give your bathroom a luxurious feel. 


Add Plants & Décor 


After you’ve decluttered and organized your items, it’s time to think about how you can create a luxurious space. Adding plants will instantly reenergize the room — just make sure you choose a plant that does well in more humid environments. Alternatively, if your bathroom doesn’t get any natural light, you can always find a faux arrangement. 

Then, add some décor to elevate the look of the room. For instance, a piece of artwork or some photographs hung on the wall — as well as a sophisticated scent diffuser — will make your bathroom feel like a spa. 

There you have it — easy and actionable tips that you can use to completely transform even the smallest bathroom. But, don’t be intimidated. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine what you need to do when you’re looking at the bathroom as an ensemble. So, instead, focus on a few areas at a time to reduce clutter and then build up from there. It’s all in the details, and you’ll definitely return to a different atmosphere when you’re done organizing your space.

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