Powerful and Versatile meori Tool/Hobby Box

I had been searching for just the right bag to keep the many items I use as a professional organizer all in one easy to access place. Then I discovered the meori Tool/Hobby Box. Eureka! Problem solved. I now have everything I need at the ready. No more digging. Plus it’s stylish and versatile. meori was kind enough to provide me with the tool box for my review. Rest assured though, all opinions are my own. I am honestly impressed with this product and it’s making my life so much easier! Learn how the meori Tool/Hobby Box is powerful and versatile for work or play. Use the code Organize2019 for 20% off your own meori Tool/Hobby Box!


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My Favorite Features

The meori Tool/Hobby box is very professional looking. When I meet a client whether for a consultation or an organizing session, I want to appear professional. My meori tool box definitely fits the bill.

My tool box is sturdy and roomy, so I don’t have to worry when I put everything but the kitchen sink in there! I truly am amazed by how many nooks and crannies this tool box has-2 compartments that can hold up to 65 pounds! Wow! But there are also interior pockets and places with strong elastic bands so I can tuck smaller items that I need at a moments notice-like pens and my business cards.

Even though the meori tool/hobby box is strong and roomy, it is still light weight. (I haul enough stuff in my job-I don’t want my bag to be heavy!)

I saved the best for last, at least in my view. The tool box has a magnetic closure! I never have to worry about my items spilling out.  Brilliant.

Did I mention it’s foldable? If you aren’t using your box (no clue why because it’s so awesome…) you can fold it up flat. So portable!

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How I use the meori Tool/Hobby Box

As a professional organizer, I carry a lot of items with me on jobs. Some are personal (ibuprofen, hand sanitizer), some apply to office jobs (paper clips, label maker and tape) while others apply to decluttering jobs (plastic bags, gloves).  I like to be ready for anything. I group tools by type in their own small bag. All of these bags fit nicely in the tool box. I truly am amazed how much the Meori tool box holds. (For your reference, the dimensions are: 14.4 x 14.4 x 8.9 inches open.)


Example of how I use my Meori Tool/Hobby Box

Who could use the meori Tool/Hobby Box? Anyone!

Professions that need to keep materials handy when they are out of the office or traveling to clients would love the meori Tool/Hobby Box. Some of these might be:

  • Interior Decorators
  • Home Stagers
  • Realtors
  • Home Care Nurses
  • Anyone in sales
  • Cleaners
  • Volunteers
  • Moms!

Back when my kids were little I totally would have used this to carry snacks, books, and things to catch up on while I waited in the carpool line.

The list could go on and on. Who doesn’t need a portable office these days?

Use the code Organize2019 for 20% off your own meori Tool/Hobby Box!

It’s not just a Tool Box-It’s a HOBBY box!

I plan on purchasing another meori box because it’s perfect for hobbies too. Needlepoint in my passion, which requires canvas, threads, scissors, ripping tool (yeah, mistakes happen) and stitch guides. I often stitch outside on nice days or take my projects to coffee shops or friend’s homes. So it makes sense to keep it all together. Will all the internal pockets and elastic bands, I can easily fit all I need in the meori Tool/Hobby Box.

What’s your favorite hobby? This product would be great for:

  • knitters
  • quilters
  • painters
  • calligraphers
  • stampers
  • scrapbookers

Again, the list goes on and on because this product is so versatile! No need to worry if you spill something on your hobby box, it cleans up easily with a damp sponge because it is made of high-quality, dirt-resistant polyester.

Meori Tool/Hobby Box product image


If you are looking for a way to corral and organize items for work or play, the meori Tool/Hobby Box is a great product. Remember, use the code Organize2019 for 20% off your own meori Tool/Hobby Box!


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