Organizing Your Daily Skincare Routine

When people usually think of organizing their life, they think of ways to improve work productivity, like daily schedules, filing systems, office layouts, etc. But any organized person will tell you that you should seek efficiency in all aspects of life, especially in your day-to-day routines. From the way you’ve arranged your closet to the products cluttered in your bathroom, everything you touch or see throughout the day can make an impact on how much time you can save for yourself. Every minute counts. One area that I feel is important is organizing your daily skincare routine.

Organizing Your Daily Skincare Routine

Organizing  Your Daily Skincare Routine

Much like a disastrous closet can make you late for an appointment, your daily skincare regimen can also determine if you’ll be on schedule for the morning or how much sleep you can get at night. If you feel like you’re spending an unnecessarily long time in front of the bathroom mirror, here are a few tips to help you simplify your everyday beauty routine:

Re-think The Amount of Products You Need

Sometimes we can’t help but be mesmerized by all the exfoliants, moisturizers and cleansers that we find in Sephora and department stores. The truth is, however, having such a complicated routine can be damaging for you skin. There are lots of things you can skip out on. For example, only wash your face in the evening and not at night and ditch toner unless you have oily skin. Experts from Real Simple also suggest that exfoliating is only necessary during the months you’re constantly out in the sun, and even then, you should only be doing so once a week.

Only Have Your Daily Essentials On Display

Not every one of your products is meant for daily use. According to Lovely Skin, the only beauty items that should be sitting on your bathroom counter are your cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, night cream, serum, sunscreen and toner. Everything else, like masks and spot treatments, should be in the cupboard or drawer. That way, you won’t have to go searching for daily products since they’re all lined up on your counter, ready for you to use. Other items you should keep handy are cotton buds, balls, makeup pads and a headband.

Don’t Waste Time Treating Problems You Don’t Have

Many women buy into products because of advertising and celebrity endorsements. In an interview with Rihanna’s makeup artist shared on The Scene, it was revealed that the pop star swears by an intensive dry skin therapy lotion, which can leave others feeling oily or sticky if they don’t have dry skin. It’s normal to purchase products to prevent things like signs of aging, but you need to stick with your actual skin type and copy other people’s beauty routines. Doing so will lessen the number of products you use and shorten your regimen.

By using only the products that you need, for your specific skin care type, you will save yourself money. In addition, you will save yourself precious time in the morning, before heading out of the house, and before turning in for the night. Saving yourself this time adds up and is one less thing to stress about in an already busy day.

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