How to Create an Organized And Healthier Under the Sink Cabinet

I see it all the time-the cabinet under the kitchen sink full to bursting with cleaning supplies and clients asking “where’s the Windex?” or “why can’t I find the dish soap? It was just here!” This is a cabinet that is often cluttered. Not only that, this space is cluttered with cleaning products that are toxic for your family. This post will show you how to create an organized and healthier under the sink cabinet. No toxic products and organized cleaning supplies! Win win!


Organized AND Healthier Under the Sink Cabinet


organized and healthier under the sink cabinet


First I instruct my clients to remove all the cleaners that are not used inside the house or are not used daily. No need to keep your RoundUp for garden weeds in there or the GooGone. If you have room in your garage, this is the ideal spot for these kinds of cleaners. Plastic bins are a wonderful way to corral these cleaners. They stay dust free and the garage keeps from looking cluttered. Gather together by type: garden supplies, car items, etc.


garage bins
Now the area under your sink should have just those cleaners that are used on a daily basis. With a little DIY session, you can have some powerful, earth friendly, multi-purpose cleaners.  Here’s a picture of my cabinet under my kitchen sink:


Organized Under the Sink Area
The cabinet under my kitchen sink.


Tidy, right?  I can reach everything easily.  A lot of that is due to multipurpose cleaning solutions.  But first, let’s take a tour of what I’ve got in here.

The Cabinet Under My Kitchen Sink

I love that my expandable shelf fits this awkward space perfectly. I can slide the shelves to fit around the pipes. On the top shelf I have:

On the bottom shelf I have

  • Microfiber cloths- These are not only great for dusting but they shine my stainless steel appliances with nothing more than a little water and a wipe with the cloth.
  • expandable duster from Swiffer
  • Scotch-Brite Lint Roller.  This is the PERFECT tool to dust lampshades, or get pet hair off of pillows.
  • Lysol toilet brush with disposable cleaning pads.  I must confess, this system seems wasteful to me so I am searching for a DIY cleaner in this area.  So stay tuned on that score.

Next to the expandable shelf is that adorable penny jar with my DIY dishwasher tabs. These are very easy to make and will be coming to the blog soon!  And then you’ll see my Thieves Spray.  I use this spray (complete with home-made chalkboard label because who doesn’t love a cute label?!!) on EVERYTHING.   I use it on my granite, mirrors, and toilet (except the inside).  Again, love multipurpose!

Learn even more about how to detoxify your home with the epic guide “Detoxify Your Home and Join the Green Cleaning Trend (with Infographic)” from Groom + Style.

About Those Toxic Chemicals

I’ve been making the move to natural, earth friendly cleaners.  It’s really shocking to learn what is in common household products and what the affect on your health can be.  I found this article very informative.  With a little research, (which I hope I have helped with) and a little extra time, you can relax and feel good about cleaning your home.  This is your haven!  It shouldn’t be making you sick.  It really doesn’t take long to make your own cleaners. Don’t know if your cleaners contain common toxins?  Download the app Think Dirty or GoodGuide, then just scan the UPC code on a product and get a list of the toxins contained in that product.  Trust me.  It’s eye opening.

It's really shocking to learn what is in common household products and what the affect on your health can be. Click To Tweet

So, with a minimum of products I can clean everything downstairs.  These are the only products I keep under my sink.  I like that I can easily get what I need, which makes clean up faster.  Because while I like my house clean, it isn’t my favorite thing to do.  (I’d much rather be reorganizing a closet!)

So, go open that cabinet under the kitchen sink!  Do some purging!  (Here’s an article on the proper disposal of household cleaners.) On your next Target run, gather some supplies to make your own cleaners.  Happy cleaning!  And happy being-able-to find-what-you-need!

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  1. loriverni

    Great tips! I do a pretty good job of keeping inside my cabinet only the indoor cleaning supplies I use regularly, but I am definitely going to implement your tip about organizing the stuff in the garage to keep it more orderly and less dusty. That place is a mess of (dusty) stuff! Thanks!

  2. Daria Harvey

    Thanks Lori! Yes-dust is the worst 🙁

  3. Morgan Tyree

    I like how you added the shelf, I’m a big fan of vertical storage and organization. Great tips! I’m going to take a peep under my sink today…

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you Morgan! I do like to have everything at my fingertips. I’m so glad you stopped by!

  4. Sabrina Bliss

    Great tips! I need to do this!

  5. Jen Rodriguez

    I have a ton of work to do around my house, apparently!

    • Daria Harvey

      Baby steps! That’s what I say!

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    This is such a great idea! Now I’m inspired to organize under my kitchen sink this weekend. 🙂

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