Organize Without Overwhelming Yourself

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Organize Without Overwhelming Yourself


Organize Without Overwhelming Yourself


Does your week seem to fly by and your months pass quickly? Are you left wondering where all your time went and how you can organize yourself better?

I know we all have those thoughts run through our minds at one time or another. We all feel like there isn’t enough time in the day and that we can be more organized. And it’s possible to organize without overwhelming yourself.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s hard. You try to be everything to everyone, but the common result is you end up burning yourself out. This cannot keep happening. Trust me, I know that’s hard. You have to give yourself permission to be you. To also not be everything to everyone. Then, get ready to organize yourself.

I have found from personal experience is that the key to successfully accomplishing your goals (especially without burning yourself out) is organization.

Planning is Key

I highly recommend sitting down on a Saturday evening, or another day that works best for you, with your planner, your phone, a pen, and whatever tools you use to hold yourself accountable. Write down your appointments/commitments, personal goals, and as the week progresses, what you were able to accomplish.

First, work on one day at a time in the coming week.

  • List your commitments and appointments that demand your attention. These could be doctor’s appointments, kids sporting events, church or community activities, and so forth.
  • Second, list your goals: what do you want to accomplish? I will give a little warning, please do not overwhelm yourself.

In my personal schedule, I write down 1-2 goals a day. Some weeks will be amazing and you’ll feel like you can do anything. Other weeks will come and your attention and energy will be needed elsewhere. You might not accomplish the goals you want. Don’t beat yourself down and don’t become frustrated.

At the end of the day write down your accomplishments. They may include things in your appointments or goal, or they could be something not related to what you had planned for the day.

Give Yourself Grace

Be ready and willing to give yourself grace. There will be days when you want to get everything done on your list and life happens. You get a ton done that you didn’t plan and nothing that you wanted. Be at peace when these moments happen because they will happen.

As you organize yourself by writing down your goals, using a planner that works best for you, writing down your accomplishments, and be okay when your day goes crazy, you will find yourself accomplishing more and finding greater structure during your day. It will be easier to accomplish your goals and you will do more with your time than you thought possible.

How do you keep yourself organized? Leave a comment and let us know!

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