Your Guide to Organizing School Year Fliers, Forms, and More

It’s back to school time! Which means a quiet household, a return to a regular schedule and PAPER, PAPER, PAPER! You’re about to be inundated with forms, requests, and save-the-date letters. Use this guide to set up a system to organize school year papers now so you’ll have the information that you need, when you need it. Know exactly what is going on at your child’s school, which form to sign and when. With a little preparation, you’ll be the parent who has it all under control.


Organize School Year Papers


Your Guide To Organizing School Year Fliers, Forms, and More


Set aside time to go through your child’s papers

Like the mail, your child’s papers can accumulate quickly if you don’t set aside a time to look through them. Without a regular time, you are in danger of missing some important date or becoming aware of a meeting at the last minute and throwing your entire day into chaos, not to mention stressing yourself out. Set aside 15 minutes each evening to take a look at all that paper coming home.


Immediately put any dates into your calendar

Whether you prefer a paper or digital calendar, have it on hand when you are going through your child’s papers. Put any meeting dates or deadlines on your calendar and recycle all the papers. I even put the dates of my kid’s interim and final report cards in my calendar so I’ll know to ask for these reports. It’s always best to have all important dates in one place.


Create a place for papers you’ll need to refer to often

When my eldest child was applying for college, we were constantly referring to her transcript. My son, who runs cross country, has a long list of healthy snacks for runners. There will be a few papers you will need on hand. Create a filing area close to your desk or in the kitchen (the hub of everything!). Here are some stylish products to hide papers:


Bigso Paper Drawers from The Container Store

U Brands Copper Hanging File Desk Organizer

U Brands Desktop Paper Organizing File Folder












Pair this with some beautiful hanging file folders from YOMA and you’ve got a beautiful way to hold those important papers.


Have a plan for all that artwork

Children, especially in the lower grades, bring home lots of masterpieces. (Whether that word is in air quotes is up to you ­čÖé ) There are several ways that you can enjoy their art without swimming in it:

  • Create a binder with sleeve protectors for drawings that are 8 1/2 x 11 size or smaller
  • Showcase one piece of artwork a week in a special frame or clipped to a pretty binder. Discuss with your child that after the week ┬áis up (or another time frame depending on how much your child paints etc.) you will take a picture of the painting then discard the paper.
  • Use an app like ArtKive┬áto digitally store your child’s work. You can have their masterpiece turned into various products such as a calendar or apron. At the end of the year create a book of all their art. Organize pictures by child and age. I just love this app and recommend it to clients often.

With a few inexpensive supplies and a plan, you can quickly organize school year papers and be ready for whatever comes your way this school year!

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Have a wonderful school year watching your child grow!

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