Organize For Beautiful Skin This Summer

What? How do you organize for beautiful skin? Trust me-anything can be organized! Lol! What I mean is that I want to help make it easy to take care of and protect your skin during the summer months. Our skin is our largest organ. And I’m in my late 40s (how did that happen???) so I’m particularly attuned to protecting my skin to ward off wrinkles just as long as I can. Plus, recently I heard a really scary story about a woman facing skin cancer. Started as a funny patch near her nose and now she has a 20% chance of survival, after having to undergo surgery in another state. I think about her often. We really need to take care of our skin. So how can you take care of your skin effectively and easily?


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Put My Large Floppy Hat Where?

Nothing is going to protect you like flat out covering your skin. Yes, I am giving you permission to shop! There are loads of cute hats out there. Opt for a neutral one that will coordinate with any outfit. Better yet, purchase two. Then leave one in your car for those impromptu times when you’re out an about and need some protection. Lunch outside? No problem. You’ve got a hat in your car.

How to Make Sunscreen a Habit

Almost all foundation today has sunscreen built in. But that is not enough to protect you. I spent some time reading various skin care sites and a general rule is to apply one teaspoon per body part (head, neck, each arm, each leg) and let it soak in for 15 minutes at least before you head outside. Then, reapply every two hours. Don’t forget the tops of your ears and feet-those are often places skin cancer is detected. And if you wear some sportin’ shades make sure you put an ample amount of sunscreen on your nose. Remember that story?

Almost all foundation today has sunscreen built in. But that is not enough to protect you. Click To Tweet

So how do you make applying sunscreen a habit? It’s all about location, location, location. Make it easy on yourself. Keep sunscreen everywhere.

  • in your mobile office car
  • pool bag
  •  kids’ bathroom (if they’re old enough)
  • gardening bag, golf bag, tennis bag

Athletes are in particular danger of over exposing their skin.

I am trying very hard to live more naturally and cut chemicals out of my life. This extends to sunscreen for sure. If we’re putting it on this often it needs to be good for our skin. My favorite sunscreen is Alba Botanica. It’s made from 100% vegetarian ingredients and does not contain any parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. Plus, green tea and chamomile soothe your skin. Bonus!

Oh, and each place you keep sunscreen you should keep a lip balm with SPF. This is an easy way to protect your lips and it’s easy to apply to the tops of your ears as well.


You’re  Beautiful, Darling!

Well, technically, the next tips to organize your skin aren’t applicable only in summer. But since I’ve got you here it’s a good time to explain my routine, which may help you plan a routine of your own. Yes, I have a planned routine for my skin; that way taking care of my skin isn’t a decision I have to make, it’s just something I do. Which makes my life easier.


  1. Rinse my face with water in the shower
  2. Serum
  3. Day lotion with SPF


  1. Wash my face with my Norwex cloth and water (This removes my makeup. With just water. Almost freaky.)
  2. Wash my face with Glytone (This product got rid of my brown spots. Swear by this stuff.)
  3. Serum
  4. Glytone lotion
  5. Eye cream
  6. Apply grapeseed oil with Frankincense essential oil to my neck. (This is my own concoction. Frankincense is wonderful for the skin and the smell just relaxes me.)


  1. I received a Personal Microderm Device for Christmas. I use it on Sunday evenings. It removes dead skin cells and helps my products absorb better.
  2. Mask

You can create any routine that works for you. They key here is routine. So a routine plus having your summertime skin care products in every place you might need them will result in (organized) beautiful summer skin


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So get out and enjoy the summer weather! All the while taking care of your (organized) skin. Let me know how you take care of your skin!

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