The Lotus Trolley Bag: The Best Way to Grocery Shop

Boston is my new adopted favorite city. I visit as often as I can since my daughter goes to school there. Previous visits have been filled with sight seeing and taking in theatrical performances. (She’s an acting major.) I’d been itching to have some spare time to make my way to the store The Little Details-a home, office, and digital organizing studio. I was finally able to visit and drooled over all the cool organizing products. My eyes lit upon a product I’ve been wanting for a long time-The Lotus Trolley Bag. I splurged and I’m here to tell you that the Lotus Trolley Bag is the best way to grocery shop!


The Lotus Trolley Bag: The Best Way to Grocery Shop


What is the Lotus Trolley Bag?

The Lotus Trolley bag is an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag…on steroids.  This bag actually comprises four bags connected with velcro.

  • 2 bags are regular fabric reusable shopping bags withe handles
  • 1 bag is a cooler (YES! Buy yourself some time to run another errand!)
  • 1 bag has an additional compartment for eggs and 2 spots for wine (brilliant!)


How does it work?

The Lotus Trolley Bag comes velcroed together with a handle. This makes it easy to carry into the grocery store-like a yoga mat.  Simply hang the Lotus Trolley Bag on the back of your cart and shop as normal.

When you get up to the check out line, unfasten the Lotus Trolley Bag and spread the bags out in a new shopping cart. (They always have that extra one near the register to put your bagged groceries into.) Then, as your items come down the conveyor belt, a store employee places them into the correct bag.

Wheel your cart outside to your car. Unfasten each bag from the other and place in your car.

Nothing could be easier.


The Lotus Trolley Bag in use

What did I think of my Lotus Trolley Bag?

Well, first, I have to admit I felt pretty cool wheeling my cart around the store with this on the back. I was honestly hoping someone would ask me about it. Several grocery store patrons did not disappoint. I really love to share products that make life easier and are good for the environment as well. Do not even get me started on how much I hate plastic bags. That’s a rant for a different post.

I was a little nervous that when I got to the cash register that the bagger would be annoyed at having to use this new-fangled contraption. On the contrary, he was super excited! Another bagger came over as well to check it out. They told me they loved not having to open bags themselves and they liked that it was eco-friendly.

Loading up the Lotus Trolley Bag


So, clearly I love this product. Are there any cons, you ask? I don’t use my Lotus Trolley Bag for quick trips. I only use it for my weekly regular shopping trip. If I have just a few things to purchase I use one of my standard fabric grocery bags.

It’s not cheap. I paid $35 for mine. However,

  1. I am passionate about not releasing single use plastic bags into the environment. (Small rant: Do you know shoppers use 500 billion plastic shopping bags per year? Know how long it takes one of those bags to decompose? 1000 years.)
  2. This really makes my grocery shopping easier. And that’s worth something.


Where can I get one?!

The Little Details in Cambridge can ship you a pretty one just like mine. The owner, Stasia Steele, is an incredibly knowledgeable professional organizer and all around nice person.

Check out their video to see the Lotus Trolley Bag in action!



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