Keeping a Clean House with Dogs

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I love my furbabies! Ginger, my Rat Terrier, is older now. She finds whatever room I’m in, settles down for a nap and actually snores! Pippi my Greyhound understands every word I say-of course-and I speak Pippi too. I know when her whine means she wants more attention, or she wants to go out, or she wants a walk. They are a little spoiled to say the least. As much as I LOVE these dogs, I still want my house to look and smell clean. I’ve tried many methods and products and I have found the secret to keeping a clean house with dogs.

Keeping a Clean House with Dogs


clean house with dogs


Hair Be Gone!

A big part of the battle in my home is dog hair, okay, fur. But since my dogs are part human I’m calling it hair 🙂 Both dogs are short hair breeds but just watch them shake in the sunlight and “POOF” little hairs fly everywhere. I also admit to in the past watching a friend love on one of the dogs, repeatedly petting them while secretly thinking “STOP!” as I see mounds of hair coming off them.

So the ultimate goal was less hair. And I found that nothing cuts down the amount of hair/fur on your dog better than the Furminator! Sometimes it’s plain weird fun to brush my dogs just to see the amount of fur that comes off them! I try to brush them daily, in the garage, right by a waste basket. One cool thing about the Furminator is the trigger that releases the dog fur so you don’t have to pull it out by hand.  Just brush, release into the waste basket, brush, release, brush, hee hee.

I vacuum my house weekly. I have heard tell of people with pets that vacuum daily. That is dedication! I just have so many other things I want to do like read, needlepoint, and watch “Gilmore Girls.” So for Christmas last year I asked for an iRobot Roomba. Every day I just press the little button and Raquel Roomba zooms around over wood, carpet, anything, and sucks up the dog hair. Again, it is weirdly satisfying to empty the full cartridge in the trash. Raquel even docks herself when she’s low on battery or is full. So I can be sitting here typing up a blog post while my house is cleaned. Ultimate cool!

If you’d like to compare various robot vacuums, check out this thorough review from They compiled a list of 55 robot vacuums from top manufacturers, testing the best models on power, navigation, and the ability to tackle common obstacles.

In the end, they found that two of iRobot’s Roomba models rose to the the top. Since Roomba was a clear leader in quality, took it a step further and compared all the top models to find the best Roomba for each person’s unique needs.

If you don’t want a robot vacuum,– a fabulous resource for all things pet related- reviewed 10 vacuums, both upright and corded as well as cordless, and The Hoover Cleaner T-Series Windtunnel Upright Vacuum earned the top spot. The Goody Pet website allows you to check prices and read reviews. See how your vacuum measures up cleaning pet hair!


So About Your Couch

My greyhound doesn’t get on the couch. Now, for sure she could. She’s definitely big enough. But that 10 pound Rat Terrier who gets dibs on the couch is really scary. Cause she’s a terrier. So Pippi sleeps on the floor on her bed. It’s a PAW bed with memory foam and it’s so cushy she doesn’t want to be anywhere else. And since the cover is removable I can wash it once a week. Again, less hair! And Ginger has her own bed up on the couch. It’s a self-warming bed so she stays nice and comfy in there. She would rather be there on on my hubby than on the actual couch. I think if you provide the right kind of bed for your pet they will choose those instead of your furniture. Your furniture stays cleaner that way.

However, there are those times when hair/fur mysteriously finds it’s way onto a pillow. Ginger’s other favorite place to sleep is on our bed. This isn’t a big deal to us because I wash the bedding weekly. But I do have a few decorative pillows and darn if her fur doesn’t stick magically to them. So I discovered the Norwex rubber brush. I was at one of those parties. You know, where the hostess gives a really generous pour of wine? Yes, so I was at one of those parties and figured oh well, I can at least by the Norwex rubber brush. Seriously, that is something no home with a dog should be without. I’m going to shoot a video sometime of how good that brush removes dog hair off my decorative pillows. Wow.

What’s That Smell?

I think I have mentioned before about my paranoia concerning my home smelling like a dog after a co-worker said “I don’t like to go to houses with dogs. They always smell.” Well, not mine, Kim! (Kim-if you’re reading this, you have to fess up and comment below!)

  1.  I bathe Pippi once a month (less smelly) and Ginger twice a month (more smelly). That’s a big part of the battle.
  2.  I wash their bedding, blankets, the placemats under their bowls, and certain favorite toys weekly. Just one load, but I think that helps the house stay fresh.
  3. I try to brush their teeth a couple of times a week. I don’t take too long. I figure something is better than nothing.
  4. I’m a big fan of diffusing essential oils. I use Young Living and nothing makes a room instantly fresh like diffusing Purification. (Works on teenage boy rooms too!)
  5. The occasional potty accident? Dog ate grass and then deposited it on your carpet? Yes, that’s happened to me. reviewed 5 pet odor eliminators and rated Sunny and Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle Enzyme Cleaner as it’s top pick. Great to have on hand to remove those unwanted smells. (And the enzyme removes bacteria so all traces of the odor will be gone so your beloved pet doesn’t seek out that same area to pee on next time!)
Ginger the Rat Terrier on "dog day" getting a bath
Ginger the Rat Terrier in her bath!


With a regular routine and the right products, you can enjoy life with your furbabies and still have a clean home. Dogs add such joy to our lives. I will always have a dog in my home until the men in white coats take me away ha ha, hee hee. And when they come to get me, my house will look and smell fabulous!

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Curious as to how you stack up on the cleaning scale? Are  you REALLY a clean freak? Take the QUIZ: Only Clean Freaks will Ace This and find out! Very fun!

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  1. Julie Stobbe

    The IRoomba is a great way to stay on top of your vacuuming and all the Norwex products are great. Thanks for the ideas for cleaning that i can share with my clients.

    • Daria Harvey

      I’m so glad there are some tips you can use with your clients Julie! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Janet Barclay

    I love my dog, but bringing her into our home was the tipping point that moved me towards hiring a cleaning service. Thanks for some great tips to keep things clean in between visits!

    • Daria Harvey

      How wonderful to have a cleaning service! Some doggies do shed 24/7 though, don’t they?! Thanks for reading the post!

  3. Sabrina Quairoli

    I love my old dog, Missey. She has been slowing down recently and having issues getting up so we have been cleaning right after all her messes. Cleaning up right after messes keep the smell at bay. I also keep her on tile floors and area rugs for easy wash up.

    • Daria Harvey

      Oh it’s so hard when they get old! I remember going through that with Gus, our border-collie/sheltie mix. He was almost 16. I had to use a lot of Nature’s Miracle in those days. Hang in there Sabrina.

  4. Jill Robson

    I totally get it, we have a Border Collie and 2 cats, i must say i like the look of the furminator, we use an electric trimmer for his fringes, and he is never allowed upstairs, containing the hair to as small a space as possible is smart too.

    • Daria Harvey

      Good idea Jill to confine the shedding space! I had a border collie/sheltie for nearly 16 years and the amount of hair was truly impressive, lol!

  5. Liana George

    I love my 3 pups and appreciate this post! So glad to see your fur babies getting some attention on your blog! They are precious!

    • Daria Harvey

      Thanks Liana! I know you feel the same way I do-they are our furry babies!

  6. Naomi

    No dogs in our house but I know where to come looking for cleaning tips when we get one.

    • Daria Harvey

      Thanks Naomi! There’s nothing like the unconditional love from a dog, in my opinion 🙂

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