5 Ideal Sweater Storage Options

As I write this post, on September 30th, it is 90 degrees outside. Still. To say I am longing for sweater weather is a gross understatement. I am DREAMING of sweater weather! But, it will come, eventually. So let’s be ready to treat our beautiful sweaters right. Read on to learn about correct sweater storage.


Great Sweater Storage Options

The best way to store sweaters is by folding them. This prevents your sweaters from stretching out.  I love the MaidMax Closet Storage Cube. These boxes are stackable and keep dust away from your sweaters. All for a good price too.


MaidMax Closet Storage Cube product picture


Another option along these lines is the premium drop front storage box from The Container Store.

The Container Store Drop Front Sweater Box product shot
The Container Store


A simple option for sweater storage is also a lucite shelf divider, such as the Richards Homewares Acrylic Closet Shelf Divider.

Richards Homewares Acrylic Shelf Divider product picture


If you don’t have room on your shelves to store sweaters, the hanging closet organizer from Ziz is a great option. With  six shelves there’s plenty of room for your cozy sweaters and the zippered closure keeps dust away.


Ziz Home Hanging Closet Organizer product picture
Ziz Home Organizer









Hanging Options

Finally, if you must hang your sweaters, fold them over the hanger bar. Here is an image from Pinterest to show you exactly how to do this:


picture of how best to hang a sweater


I highly recommend a good quality hanger for your sweaters. I love the hangers from All Hung Up Hangers. These hangers will last a lifetime. You can even get them monogrammed! How fun is that? Use the code Your Organized Life for 5% off.


All Hung Up Hanger product picture
All Hung Up Hangers


When the weather warms and it’s time for the sweaters to be stored for the season, store them up high or under your bed in soft containers like the Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer. These are great for extra linens too!

Sorbus sweater storage box picture



So go ahead, get those sweaters out. Even if it’s not quite time to wear them. I won’t tell 😉


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