How I Reorganized My Pantry- Function and Beauty-And You Can Too!

Welcome to my pantry!  The new year always makes me want to tackle new projects and I’ve had my eye on my pantry for awhile. I wanted not only function but beauty too. This post will show you exactly how I reorganized my pantry-function and beauty. I’ll highlight great products to transform your pantry into a practical, Pinterest-worthy place!

This post will show you exactly how I reorganized my pantry-function and beauty. Click To Tweet


 Reorganize Your Pantry-Function and BEAUTY too!


Pantry Goals


We moved into our home fifteen years ago and a woman named Lynne (who would turn out to be a dear friend) invited me to a Tupperware party.  Organized bins for the pantry?!  Sign me up!  And those bins were very functional for a very long time.  I also used clear plastic bins with a handle from The Container Store.  (I use those in the new pantry too-as well as in other areas of the home.  They’re great.) Here’s some “before” pictures of my pantry:



Pantry Organized.jpg

Like I said-very functional, but to me, not very pretty.  I love Pinterest (I bet you do too!) and I kept seeing all these drool-worthy photos of mason jars, chalkboard labels, and the textural beauty of pastas, grains and cereals.  So I decided to go for it!

The Steps to Reorganizing A Pantry

Here are the steps I took to overhaul my pantry:

  • I emptied my pantry of everything.  This is the point where you should throw away any expired or funky looking food.
  • Group your food into zones.  The zones I use are:
  1. baking
  2. breakfast
  3. side dishes
  4. helpers (like Panko crumbs and taco shells)
  5. snacks
  6. drinks (tea and water flavor packets etc.)
  7. treats (a small bin with some chocolates, Walker’s shortbread cookies etc.)
  8. specialty items for company such as flavored nuts so I always have something to put out if a visitor drops by
  9. onions and potatoes (in baskets I already owned)
  10. recipe binders (my system for keeping our favorite recipes that are not online-later blog post) and recipe books (in magazine holders I already owned)
  • I wiped down all the shelves a non-toxic all purpose cleaner
  • Next I cut new shelf paper to fit the shelves.  I used the Duck brand Easy Liner from Walmart in Black Quatrefoil.  They have lots of cute patterns-especially online.  You’re sure to find something fun that coordinates with your kitchen!
  • Then I determined which ingredients I thought would look best in jars.  I found glass jars again at Walmart.

Great Ingredients for Glass Jars

The ingredients I placed in the larger glass jars are

  1. flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar in the baking section
  2. steel cut oats in the breakfast section

Mason Jar ingredients are:

  1. cake flour (I don’t bake too many cakes), cornmeal, cornstarch, and demerrara sugar in the baking section
  2. old fashioned oats, grits, and pancake mix in the breakfast section

Here are a few pictures of my new and improved pantry glass jars!

Pantry After Photo 1

 Your Organized Life Chalkboard Jars
After determining which ingredients would go in glass jars, I made cute chalkboard labels.  I simply purchased Avery Labels #22814 and used their online templates and my printer to get these adorable “chalkboard” labels.  They have so many designs to choose from!

Plastic Containers are So Handy

Next I determined which ingredients would be best in the clear plastic OXO containers from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  These containers have a “pop up” lid which keeps ingredients incredibly fresh. Also, plastic containers are stackable so you can use the entire height of your shelves to your advantage. The ingredients I put in plastic containers are:
  1. pasta (3 kinds-lasagna, spaghetti and bow tie) and rice in the sides section (pictured above)
  2. cereal (3 kinds) in the breakfast section
  3. crackers, saltines, pretzels, goldfish, and tortilla chips in the snack section

Bins Hold a Bunch

Canisters and Chalkboard Bins

In the picture above and the one below, you’ll see those ADORABLE wooden crates with chalkboard labels I purchased from Target.  I love how roomy they are and that they hide their contents.  The  pantry looks less cluttered. I use them for snacks, nuts, sides and helpers.

Jars and Bins.jpg

Handled Bins for Easy Access

Again, I used those handled bins from The Container Store to hold baking mixes (cookie, muffin, and scone mixes), treats and items for company. I added some shelf liner inside to hide the ingredients-again, for a less cluttered look.)  Here’s another picture of those.

Pantry Shelves With Containers

Lastly, I put appliances that I don’t use everyday (panini press, fondue pot food processor, bread machine etc.) both on the lowest shelf of my pantry and on the floor.)  My 3 crockpots-which I do use almost every day!-are on that last shelf with plenty of space around them so I can grab them easily.

Here’s an overall picture of my new pantry.

Pantry Appliances.jpg

I’m in love!  The pantry door opens what-60 times a day?! depending on the size of your family.  Why not make it pretty as well as functional.  Another thing I noticed as I was overhauling my pantry was that I was really getting in touch with all these great ingredients I have like steel cut oats and quinoa.  I definitely think now I will want to cook more.  This was a great jumpstart to healthy cooking for 2016!

I hope this inspires you to make your pantry beautiful as well as functional!

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  1. Mallory

    We close on a new house in less than two weeks and this inspired me to organize the new pantry is a new look! With a baby on the way in early July – it is time for a rejuvenation – organization – and clean slate! Thanks for the post – subscribed and now follow on IG too!!

    • Daria Harvey

      Thanks so much Mallory! Congratulations! You’ve got some exciting times ahead of you!

  2. German Toniatti

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you! My pantry has been working very well for my family. Makes life easier!

  3. Lori Verni

    Hi there. You’ve inspired me to get my pantry more organized! I bought a whole bunch of new bins and will be using this post to get more organized this weekend. Thanks!

    • Daria Harvey

      Oh I’m so excited for you! I’d love to see before and after pictures! Enjoy your new organized pantry!

  4. loriverni

    After being inspired by your post, I organized my pantry this weekend. It didn’t come out quite as “fancy,” but it is very organized and I used several tips from your post! Now, I’ll improve it even more by refusing to buy groceries for quite some time! (

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you for letting me know my post inspired you! Ultimately it doesn’t matter if your pantry is fancy-just that it functions well for you. When you can see what you have so you don’t over buy and the foods you eat most often are easily accessible you’ve had a BIG WIN! Congratulations on your “new” pantry!

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