How To Create A More Organized Bathroom

Bathroom clutter is an issue in most homes, if only because there are so many products used on a daily basis. From blow-dryers to skin creams, toilet paper to towels, these essentials can easily get out of control in the drawers, shelves, cabinets and counters. That is why it is especially important to stay organized. To better control the chaos and keep everything in its place, here are some tips to maximize your bathroom space for greater functionality.


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1. Look for multitaskers.

Why muddle your space with, say, a laundry hamper for towels and a countertop basket for washcloths? Instead, look for one bin that closes, with a level surface-top you can use. Then, the same item serves two functions: hidden storage for towels and open display for other belongings. Keep this principle in mind as you organize: The more jobs a product can handle, the more efficient your storage becomes.


2. Don’t waste wall space.

If you have a section of unused wall, you can mount organizers that take advantage of that area. That empty space above your toilet is the perfect place for open shelves that display pretty products. The shower becomes more functional if you hang a wall caddy for everyday toiletries. One nook many people forget is just above the sink and below the mirror: Could you add a slimline shelf to hold soap, trinkets or other necessities?

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3. Hang your towels on hooks.

Rather than using a bar that can take up horizontal space, consider drying your towels on hooks. Whether you mount a single hook for your daily shower or you want half a dozen hangers, this tip gets towels off the floor and out of the way.


4. Use the back of cabinet doors.

Self-adhesive pegs are the perfect way to increase storage space inside your bathroom closet or cabinets. Use them to hang small baskets for hair tools or other lightweight appliances.


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5. Organize the cabinet with lazy Susans.

Turntables are a smart solution for deep cabinets. Rather than sticking products back where it might be hard to find and reach them, a lazy Susan can make items easily accessible with a simple turn of the tray.


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6. Color-code by household member.

If there is more than one person using a bathroom, consider getting more organized by assigning a color to each. If you use the blue
toothbrush, blue towel and blue comb, for example, it will be easier to find those items each day. Plus, put those color-coded toiletries in a corresponding basket to simplify morning routines and avoid any mishaps.


7. Try magnets in the medicine cabinet.

If you have a built-in medicine cabinet, take advantage of the metal walls by using a magnetic strip to store bobby pins, nail clippers
or cosmetics scissors. Then, you will have more shelf space for other items.


8. Get creative with awkward spaces.

That bonus drawer under the sink where nothing seems to fit — or the small space between the vanity and the toilet — could be the
perfect spot for toilet paper or small cleaning products. Think outside the box to take advantage of every available area. If you have countless products that need to be stored, every bit of storage space is an asset. Try the ideas above to maximize your usable areas and stay organized in the process. A few resourceful clutter-management hacks could make all the difference for a more enjoyable,
functional daily routine.


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