How Garage Cabinets Can Keep Your Garage Safer, Cleaner and More Organized

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Regardless of the amount of time a person spends decluttering or organizing their possessions, there will be items which need a home up and out of the way of daily living. These may be tools, equipment or materials for outdoor hobbies, and seasonal items or decorations.

It’s no wonder that the garage has such a potential for clutter: it is the port from which many items for the household arrive, and also the launch dock for things we intend to purge from the home. As such, it tends to be an area of ebb and flow for all things clutter.

As a result, the owners of a beautifully organized home become embarrassed when asked about the state of their garage. It’s often the last area in the home slated for decluttering. The reality is that a vast number of homeowners can’t even park in their garage at all because it’s not only being used as an import/export dock, but it’s also being used as storage for whatever items they don’t want to keep in their home but don’t know how to part with them.

Even homeowners who can park in their garage can have significant issues unless they have adequate storage for things they keep in the garage. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons a homeowner should consider garage cabinets as a storage solution.

How Garage Cabinets Can Keep Your Garage Safer, Cleaner and More Organized


A garage is often the storage area for products which contain toxic or poisonous materials used in the course of cleaning, maintaining, or landscaping a property. Having the means to lock these materials up is the best way to ensure children and pets don’t accidentally ingest any of them.

Cabinets are a long term, viable solution to both storing toxic substances in a cool and dry place and also keeping them locked away from curious youngsters.

Having items stored in cabinets also means there aren’t piles of boxes and other detritus near the garage door or around cars, where they can fall and cause damage to the garage door, the vehicle, or other items in the garage. It also keeps walkways free of debris which could pose a tripping hazard to drivers and others.



Garage cabinets protect possessions from dirt and moisture. It’s no secret that concrete slabs emit concrete dust, which is a big reason why a garage seems so dusty. We know it may seem like it’s because a garage is ‘part of the outside,’ but it’s not at all. Also, exhaust from vehicles creates a residue which can affect fabrics, furniture, and more. Between the concrete dust from the garage slab and the exhaust from the car, items stored in the garage are going to get dirty!

Also, the garage has the potential to be damp, which is destructive to household items and can become an even worse problem if they begin to mold. Garage cabinets will keep things off the ground and away from moisture.


Deterrent to bugs

Insects can be a problem in any garage. Ants, crickets, cockroaches, and even rodents can infest the contents of a garage. Clutter and boxes attract these pests, as they love hiding, eating, and breeding in hidden places. Boxes are also a particular source of delight for several types of insects, such as cockroaches and crickets, who feed on the glue which binds box material together. Insects often enter a garage by hiding in boxes coming into the garage from stores and deliveries. Once they breed in the garage, it’s natural for them to move into the house.

During the warmer months, the inhabitants of a garage are more likely to be insects. During the colder months, the pests are more likely to be rodents trying to find a warm place for the winter to live and breed. Either way, garage cabinets create the means to eliminate clutter and boxes, making the garage less attractive for summer and winter pests.


Easy access

A set of sturdy garage cabinets offers the means for out-of-sight but readily available storage for the organizing needs of most homeowners. Easily accessible cabinets provide the end for boxes which have to be shifted around and unpacked when the homeowner wants access to specific items. (And let’s face it, isn’t the thing we want always on the bottom of the stack?)

Items which are badly stored in the garage are more likely to be replaced than located, according to one homeowner, who said, “That’s why I have three sets of tent stakes!”


Aesthetically appealing

When a garage has cabinets, quiet uniformity takes the place of stacked chaos. Even the most fastidious homeowner can’t make stacks of boxes or bins, however beautiful, appear as attractive as storage cabinets.  Storage cabinets have the benefit of remaining beautiful and useful for years.


Increase security

No one wants their belongings on display every time the garage door opens. Not only is it an embarrassment, but it could also be a security issue. Opportunistic thieves see open garages as a way of discovering the general contents of the home or will sometimes indulge in a ‘grab and go’ theft of valuable tools or other items.


A place for the car

Finally, the primary purpose of a garage is to have a place to park the car. Given that your vehicle may be the most expensive thing on your property (other than the home itself) it seems reasonable to want to protect your investment by having a clean and secure place to store it when you aren’t driving it.

After the possessions in the garage are safely tucked away in cabinets, the garage can once again become the primary parking place for the car, safe and out of the elements. The driveway will be available for visitors. Valuable and clearly-needed items will no longer be mixed with things which are on their way in—or out—of a home. Garage cabinets are a solid investment in your home and peace of mind.


About the author: Danny Cappello is the owner of Quick Response Garage Cabinets, provider of excellent and secure storage solutions and epoxy flooring for Phoenix area residential garage needs. Call 602-935-5598 or book an appointment online today!

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