How Decluttering Can Earn You Cash

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Marie Kondo has become famous for her ability to encourage people to live simple lives and declutter. According to her methods, it’s most important to only keep the items that truly spark joy. As the Spring season rolls around, it’s a great time to declutter and let go of items you don’t need. To incentivize the process, you can make money as you declutter. Consider the four ways you can earn cash by clearing out your home.


How Decluttering Can Earn You Cash


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Sell old appliances and scrap for money

While a broken radiator or microwave may be completely useless to you, recycling and scrap metal centers are willing to pay you for them. This means that any old appliances, metal pipes, or other junk that is laying around your home, waiting for the dump, can be changed out for money. Not only does this earn you cash for your trash, but it also is good for the environment. If you have old metal junk laying around the house and taking up space, now is the time to cash in and clear your home.

Pawn old jewelry to earn cash

Most people have their favorite pieces of jewelry, while the excess tend to take up space or get tangled into impossible knots. If you have a jewelry case that’s filled with pieces that you know you’ll never wear, go ahead and resell them to pawn shops like MMP Jewelry or other local jewelers. Whether your jewelry is cheap costume material or tarnished heirlooms, pawn shops and jewelers are able to recycle old metals and alloys, polish up scratched or chipped gemstones, and create entirely new pieces of jewelry that others can enjoy. Clearing out your jewelry box can be a lucrative way to declutter your nightstand and let old jewelry become new.

Sell unwanted furniture and household objects online

If you’d like to sell furniture and household objects, it’s always easier to sell them locally. Whether it’s a headboard or a gently-used desk, you can use various sites to sell them. If you have a Facebook account, try using Facebook Marketplace to sell items. All you’ll need to do is a take a few pictures. Upload the photos, set your price, and meet the buyer at a public location to complete the transaction. This is great for reusable items like chairs and bedframes that may be taking up unnecessary space in your home. Selling your junk online as opposed to tossing it to a landfill can also give you the funds to put into getting newer and more classy furniture, if you have the room for it.

Sell old clothes to secondhand and thrift stores

There are plenty of secondhand stores that are very picky about what they accept. Some places want items that are trending. Other places are happy to accept all wearable clothing, new or old. You can find thrift and secondhand clothing stores in person or online that will be happy to take clothing that you know you aren’t going to wear. Whether it’s the wrong size, color, style, or you just never have the right occasion for it, clearing out your closet of unnecessary clothing can open up a lot of space and earn you some cash for things that you will want to wear.

Throwing away otherwise useful items is one of the hardest parts of decluttering your home. However, when there’s a cash incentive waiting at the end of the tunnel, it can be much easier to justify getting rid of unwanted clothes or furniture. Recycling, too, can allow professionals to reuse materials that you know you never will. Take the time to look at what isn’t being used in your home and you may be surprised by the monetary rewards that can come from disposing of them responsibly.


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