Great Places to Donate Your Unwanted Stuff

A new year seems to always bring the urge to declutter. Added to that is the craze of the Marie Kondo Netflix show and everyone is staging their own declutter-a-thon! I’ve created a list of deserving resources for great places to donate those unwanted and unneeded items (besides GoodWill.) For a handy guide, print out my Where to Donate list, complete with hyperlinks to take you straight to the information you need.


Great Places To Donate


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One caveat:  sometimes when my clients have an overwhelming amount of items to purge they become paralyzed in trying to find the perfect place to donate each item.  In this case, I urge them to simply take all the items to a local thrift store or the Salvation Army. Otherwise, there is the danger that all that stuff won’t ever leave the house. If this feels like you, please don’t feel bad about simply taking the entire pile to one thrift store.

For those local to the Raleigh area, I particularly like The Green Chair Project, who collects used home furnishings to benefit those suffering from homelessness or crisis. In Fuquay Varina, consider donating to Guardian Angel  whose proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Research or  Going Full Circle a thrift store that trains and utilizes adults with autism as employees. Thrift 2 Gift in Cary who helps families in crisis.

However, if you have specific items to donate, there are many wonderful, deserving associations who could use your gently used items.  For a full list, print out my Where to Donate guide.


Stuffed Animals

I know many a mom who feels like she’s swimming in a sea of stuffed animals. When your kids are finally ready to let go (or maybe when they’re at school-no judgment!!) here are some wonderful places to donate.



Wedding Dresses

Prom Dresses


Yes. You can donate your bras. Free the Girls allows women rescued from sex trafficking to sell second hand bras and make a living wage. Also check out for a drop off location near you.


Bikes for the World gives bikes to students in the Philippines at risk of dropping out of school because of lack of transportation. In addition, the bikes are used by health workers to see more clients. Bikes for the World has drop off locations at select bike stores across the country. Or, if there is not a drop off location near you, call them to work something out.

Medical Supplies

Project Cure provides medical supplies to resource-limited countries.


Sometimes getting rid of the stuff we no longer use is easier when we know it’s going to help someone in need. Those books sitting in the attic, that bra you wore twice but it didn’t fit quite right, the prom dress worn once-these things can literally change others lives. Want your cast offs to have high impact? These organizations are truly some great places to donate after your declutter-a-thon.


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