All About Your Garage: Sports Equipment

Over the years hubby and I threw every sport imaginable at our son, wondering which one would stick. He didn’t like basketball. He didn’t like soccer. He liked flag football…until it turned into tackle football. Roller hockey was good for awhile. But I think the sport that will really stick is cross country and track. Needless to say, I’ve had a variety of sports equipment to organize over the years. Here are a few quick tips on how to organize sports equipment:


All About Your Garage: Sports Equipment


All About Your Garage_ Organizing Sports Equipment


While sports equipment can be bulky and take over your garage if you’re not careful, there are a few tried and true rules for organizing sports gear:

Keep It Out in the Open

Sports equipment can be very stinky. Hockey gear? Oh my! And when my son first started running I thought a cat had come in our garage and marked his shoes.  A friend said “no, they just stink that bad.” So a place where gear can air out is a good idea.

I used to keep a can of Lysol near my son’s hockey gear to hose it down once in awhile. (I know! So toxic! But I didn’t know that back then.) Then I learned about essential oils and now I have a glass bottle of water and Purification oil to spray on his running shoes. Norwex makes a great Sports Enzyme Spray that is fabulous at eliminating odor.

Keep Like with Like

Have kids who are interested in more than one sport? Or different kids who each play their own game? Keep all the baseball gear together. Football goes in another place. You get the idea. This makes pulling the gear together before a practice or game much easier. Plus the kids know exactly where to put their stuff away!

Choose Open Containers

I prefer open wire baskets and laundry baskets. Once again, the holes allow for air circulation for odor. Also, garages get dusty and full of leaves in the fall. Having open containers makes it easier to blow off the equipment with a leaf blower. Often sports equipment is too bulky to fit into a tub with a lid. This sports organizer is open and works for multiple types of sports equipment so it’s ideal for everyone’s garage.

sports organizer


Use Wall Space

Garages naturally draw dust, dirt and leaves. It’s much easier to keep your garage clean and avoid tracking debris into your house if the floor of your garage is clear. Then, it’s easy to use a leaf blower to get all the dirt out of your garage. Therefore, utilize wall space whenever possible.

For bikes:

Sparehand Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack


For Sports Equipment:

Lynk Sports Rack

or the Rawlings Ultimate Sports Equipment Organizer


Pegboard Wins

Having sports gear at the ready makes life easier for everyone. This is where pegboard comes in handy. Plus, it can be hung along the sides of the garage and take advantage of narrow spaces for things like hockey sticks, helmets etc. Why not paint your pegboard with your favorite sports logo? Organized and cute!

Why not paint your pegboard with your favorite sports logo? Organized and cute! Click To Tweet


picture of pegboard used to organize sports equipment


As always, you’ll want to declutter before you begin your organization project. Forty tennis balls? Get rid of the nasty ones. Baseball bats that your child hasn’t used in three years? Sell or donate it. Someone will love it. Then choose a wall that will fit what ever size pegboard you need. A family I know with three boys has quite an impressive collection of gear. At our house, our son is really the only athlete and running doesn’t take a lot of stuff. So we just have a small space for tennis rackets, helmets, and a few other things for when we’re feeling active.

I’d love to know how your sports equipment organization project turned out! A quick comment below would be awesome! Thank you!

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Happy Organizing!

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  1. Emily @ My Love for Words

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    yeah same feeling, my garage has been littered of sporty equipment since my kids have grown up. nice tips, thanks.

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    Very useful tips. My boys are likely to throw sports equipment away after playing so the garage always seems like a messy. Thank a lot for your tips. I think I will have a neater garage and boys :)))

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