10 Eco-Friendly Products You’ll Be Proud to Use

Happy Earth Day! (Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?) I have images of women in white eyelet dresses running through a field of daisies. Or, another image flashes through my mind: an image of an enormous trash pile with a dump truck slowly unloading even more. The products we casually buy, then throw away or even give to Goodwill, often end up in a landfill. The real way to be good stewards of the earth is to buy intentionally, and search for eco-friendly products. It’s possible to find easy to use products with great design. Here I’ve gathered 10 eco-friendly products you’ll be proud to use.


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  1. Bees Wrap 

Bee’s Wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap. Made in New Zealand with bees wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, this wrap is washable, reusable and compostable. Wrap a sandwich. Cover a bowl. Bee’s Wrap will last for a year. That’s a WHOLE LOT LESS plastic wrap in the landfill. This product is the bee’s knees! (I crack myself up!)

Eco-Friendly Bee's Wrap

2. Ohoco Dryer Balls

Eco-friendly New Zealand is at it again with wool dryer balls. I guess they do have all those sheep. I love dryer balls. You’ll never have to use toxic dryer sheets again, or remember to put anything in the dryer at all. Just keep 3-6 balls in the dryer at all times and your clothes come out fluffy and static-free!


image and link to Ohoco wool dryer balls








3 Seedling Toilet Paper

You use 50 pounds of toilet paper a year! No worries, so do I. So do the other 7 billion people on earth. That’s a lot of tree killing. Seedling by Grove Collaborative uses bamboo pulp. Some types of bamboo grow so fast you can actually watch it grow. Can’t say the same about any trees. If this was the only eco-friendly product you bought you’d be doing the world a big favor.

I use Grove Collaborative to send me all sorts of eco-friendly products. I can order on the fly or have a re-occuring shipment of products I use regularly. The shipping is free. If you click on my link to Grove Collaborative and order $20 worth of toilet paper (lol!) or other products you’ll get a free 5 piece Mrs. Meyers set on me 🙂


4. Reusable Water Bottles

Ok, there are like, 5 billion reusable water bottles on the market. Am I the only one who loses straws or find mold in them I can’t get out? That’s what makes the Contigo Autoseal Stainless Travel Mug the king of all water bottles. No straw! Your beverage will stay hot for 4 hours and cold for nearly 12. What??? Plus, you can release the seal with one hand for easy drinking. And it fits in most car cupholders! They truly thought of everything.


link to Contigo reusable water bottle








5. Resuable Straws

However, if you really prefer a straw, try the Sipwell Stainless Steel Straws. Still eco-friendly, these straws come with a cute tiny cleaning brush and you’ll seem oh-so-sophisticated when you whip one out at a restaurant. Well, my friend seemed sophisticated (and pretty smart too!)

Eco-friendly Sipwell Stainless Steel Straws

6. Solar Phone Charger

The Tagital solar charger works with iPhones, Samsung, tablets, cameras and more. Eco-friendly and makes-your-life-way-easier-friendly!


7. ARCHEER Bamboo Speaker

Ever seen your teen plop their phone into a cup to amplify the sound? Same principle here, yet made of sustainable bamboo. Pretty cool.

Eco-friendly ARCHEER Bamboo Speaker

8. Cloth napkins

Yes, cloth napkins are a bit more work. I have several sets because my hubby is grossed out at the thought that someone else in his beloved family would have used the napkin the night before. I mean really. So, obviously I’m saying I don’t wash them everyday. Some meals are messier than others. I just feel like I’m giving the earth a hug by never buying paper napkins.

9. Reusable Cotton Rounds

I now use resuable cotton rounds rather than cotton balls for removing my makeup or applying toner. I love that these resuable rounds come in three colors. I use the white for toner and the pink for eye makeup. This way I don’t cross contaminate as I use the pad several times before popping it in the washer. This set even comes with it’s own mesh bag.

link to resuable cotton rounds









10. LED bulbs

Made the switch over yet or do you still have incandescent bulbs in your house? LED’s are energy efficient, last a long time, and contain no mercury. Widely available. It’s an easy way to be eco-friendly.


Being what I call “a good steward of the earth” is something that has mattered so much to me since I gave birth to my daughter 19 years ago. I am willing to pay a little more or search a little harder for a product that is bio-degradable, sustainable, or made in a way that uses less energy or resources. I’d like to think I’m doing my part to leave the earth in better condition. Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day by only buying those products we need to, replacing worn out products with ones that will last, and choosing our purchases with the Earth in mind.

Happy Earth Day!

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