My Dream Closet from The Closet Factory

After nearly 20 years in the same home I still had basic white wire shelving in my master closet. It was an embarrassment to my profession! When I decided to take the plunge and create my dream closet I called The Closet Factory. Not only is my new closet beautiful, it is more functional than even this professional organizer thought possible. In this post I’ll explain why my old closet-though organized-still wasn’t what I needed, describe the process of having my new closet built, and show you pictures of the transformation.

The Closet Factory did not ask for this review nor did I receive any compensation for this blog post. I am just so wowed by my new closet I had to share it with you.


The Problem with my old closet

My old closet had those basic white wire shelves. What didn’t I like about this set up?

  • It was hard to stabilize items on the shelves so I had to buy bins
  • There were no shelves for my shoes. I used a combination system of Sterilite bins and a shoe pocket organizer. I even had to set up a system for my husband’s shoes in the garage.
  • Over time my pretty velvet hangers with the silver hook had discolored the hanging bars.
  • I just thought the wire shelves were unsightly to be honest.

I got to the point where I felt like I had done all I could do with organizing products. As a professional organizer I am in a lot of closets and I wanted my closet to look like all the beautiful ones I tidy and organize! So I called The Closet Factory.

Some before pictures of my closet:

In the old closet I had to use shoe pocket organizers and a hanging sweater bin.


The angled wall meant there was a lot of wasted space. See my blue folding board for shirts and sweaters?


I used this space to hang my scarves and for my jewelry tower. Even got desperate and stacked sweatshirts on the floor. FAR from ideal.

The Process

First, a design professional came to my home. Amy Brothers, Interior Designer at The Closet Factory in Apex, NC discussed at length:

  • my frustrations with my current closet (no place for my shoes or bras/underwear/socks)
  • how and what I use my closet for (for example, I kept my laundry bins and my jewelry in the closet)
  • the vision for a new dream closet

Amy took notes and measurements. About a week later she sent me a blue print for the new closet. The program allowed me to see the shelves in 3D.  (Side Note: Amy Brothers is also an Interior Designer with her own company so I was able to hire her for a few other projects while she was here. Bonus!)

Amy had really great ideas and pointed out that the height of the new shelves would allow me to store and display my purses. She suggested putting four drawers underneath the dormer window. Brilliant! This was previously wasted space. Now I would have room for my bras/underwear/socks and pajamas. Plus the bench area would allow me to store some jewelry and my wax melt warmer. (I like the closet to smell nice. I turn it on each morning.)

Next, I dropped by The Closet Factory in Apex, NC to take a look at the actual product. There I was able to choose drawer fronts and hardware for my dream closet. I also added on a valet rod. It pulls out of the end of the rod so you can hang your dry cleaning there or the items you’ve selected for a certain outfit.



At The Closet Factory you can view their products in a mock office, entertainment room and more. There are all sorts of bells and whistles to make your life easier. You can add a pull down ironing board in your closet, LED lights, crown molding and more.

After signing off on the design and giving a down payment we selected a day for the install. I was beyond excited!

Installation Day

When the day finally came I eagerly opened the door to two very professional, polite and tidy men. They removed the old wire shelving and told me they donate it. I really love that idea.

As I sat in my office I could see the installers very carefully carry the new boards upstairs. They removed the baseboards so the white shelving boards would fit snugly against the wall. They then replaced the baseboards that would extend beyond the white board- a very upscale and custom look.

The installers also drilled a grommet into the bench seat under the window. Behind the drawer is the only outlet in my closet and I wanted to be able to access it and plug in my wax melt warmer. Before they drilled it however, they asked me my preferred placement.

Here are some pictures of my new closet without any clothes:

Look at all that room for my shoes and folded clothes!
My hubby now has room for his shoes inside our closet! Plus loads of hanging space!


Long hanging space for my dresses. As with the other angled ceiling, the ledge created by the white board means I can use this space!

My Dream Closet

I have NO IDEA how this happened but I actually have more room in my closet for clothes now. When I told the owner of The Closet Factory this she laughed and said she hears that all the time. She began to explain in her engineering way how exactly this happened but my mind was already at Nordstrom Rack.

Oh the joy of finally having a place for everything and everything in it’s place!

The benefits of my new closet are many:

  • a system designed for my specific closet with it’s angled walls and dormer area
  • more room for clothes
  • shelving for my shoes
  • clearance at the top of my shelves for purses (or luggage or off season storage if I needed it)
  • drawers for my bras/underwear/socks and pajamas
  • shelf for my iPad, hats and some decorative items like a photo of my BFF’s
  • hangers slide easily on the rods
  • it’s just flat out BEAUTIFUL!

Here are some pictures of my closet with my clothes all put in their place. I swear, dressing is not only easier now, it is way more fun.

Wow, right? Room for shirts, pants, all my summer shoes, short sleeve sweaters, shorts AND purses!


Dresses, jackets, hats and a little decor too! Plus an entirely empty space!


My bench seat and drawers! Room for a little jewelry too.


This new, beautiful, super functional dream closet was worth every penny. I love walking into this space. Hey, you might find me with a glass of wine and a good book lounging in here!


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