All About Your Garage: Cool Organizing Tools

Often when I work with others to organize their homes I use what they have on hand. I improvise. The garage, however, is one area of the home where having the right organizing tools really pays off in functionality. Unless you have a three car garage and only two cars, space is usually at a premium in there. I’ve provided a list below of my favorite garage organizing tools. There is a link for convenience. (I do not receive any payment for recommending these products. They’re just awesome!)


Cool Garage Organizing Tools



All About Your Garage Cool Organizational Tools

Rubbermaid Fast Track Wall System

The Rubbermaid Fast Track Wall System allows you to configure and customize the wall panels to fit your particular garage. You can add as many hooks and trays as you need, by just sliding them into the panel. Easy peasy! Your tools are visible and within reach and you always know where to replace it. The system works on both exposed studs or finished garage walls.  Really, it is a thing of beauty. No one will think it strange if you just go out in your garage to gaze at the wall now and again.


Cool Garage Organizing Tool: Rubbermaid Fast Track Wall System


Saferacks Ceiling Mounted Rack

I usually tell clients “look up.” We miss a lot of vertical space that can be used to store all kinds of stuff. Nowhere is this more true than in the garage. Most garages I am in have tall ceilings and missed space fight over the garage door rails. The Saferacks Ceiling Mounted Rack can hold 600 pounds and will tuck up above your garage rails or in other parts of your garage ceiling. This is perfect for items you don’t need to access often such as holiday decorations or camping gear. In the picture below you see that things can also be hung below the rack from it’s open grid. Bonus!

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Cool Garage Organizing Tools: Saferacks Ceiling Mount Rack



Origami Shelving

I was blessed when a client had purchased Origami shelves for her garage. From out of the box to assembled took less than five minutes. I kid you not. It was amazing! Each shelf holds approximately 250 pounds. Yes, you read that right. You can also purchase casters for the shelves, then each shelf holds 75 pounds. They have lots of sizes to choose from. Well worth the money, in my opinion.


Cool Garage Organizing Tool: The Origami Shelf



Back story. We’ve lived in our house for close to 16 years. We had that standard white vanity with brass pulls. Finally the day came when it was time to upgrade. Then the installer dropped this bomb: “You know, we could just pop this old vanity in your garage and you can use it for storage.” Mind Blown. Then I went a little crazy and added a few other cabinets. I cannot emphasize enough what pure joy it is to drive into a garage where 80% of the stuff is behind closed doors. This is an expense you will never regret. Now, cabinets come from the Sterilite plastic kind you can get at Walmart to the so cool Gladiator steel cabinet from Home Depot in a cute punch of red (pictured below) to the Mac-Daddy Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinet Kit. Whatever your budget, you’ll be very glad if you can find some room at the top or sides of your garage for cabinets.


Cool Garage Organization Tool: Home Depot Steel Cabinet
From The Home Depot



Finally, do not turn your nose up at the lowly pegboard. It is inexpensive, easy to install (don’t forget spacers at the back) and now you can find lots of add on’s besides hooks. It’s a great way to organize all kinds of tools. If you want to get fancy, take a look on Pinterest to see how people have painted and framed pegboard.


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