I so enjoy working with my clients and I’m proud to share their testimonials with you!

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Working with Daria couldn’t have been easier! She listened attentively and was able to translate all my needs, wants and desires! She broke down the most important aspects of the information I need when staging homes and decorating for clients and streamlined it to create forms I can use for multiple styles of clients. Daria was extremely fun to work with!

Translated All My Wants, Needs and Desires - Holly Springs, NC

For the past year I have kind of let my life and house spin out of control as I’ve been dealing with some health problems.  This past month I’ve really been determined to get things back under control and my first priority was getting my house clean and organized and back on a regular cleaning schedule.  I wanted to give a shout out to Daria at Your Organized Life.  She came over a few weeks ago and helped me get organized for the holidays and helped me make my house pretty.  It was so worth the money.  She got me on the right track.  I have been taking very small baby steps but I am slowly starting to see the difference (and my family is slowing starting to pitch in without me asking!)  It’s such a relief and so calming to me when my house is clean and under control.  Thank you Daria!

My Life is Back on Track!

Daria not only worked with me to organize my kitchen but she also taught me the skills to begin organizing other parts of my house.  She politely asked me to describe what each space was used for so that we could optimize its utility and remove unwanted clutter.  I never realized how many unused items I had in my kitchen.  Now I have lots of space, no junk drawers and a kitchen that functions efficiently.

My Kitchen Now Functions Efficiently

So a little while back, I posted asking for someone to come help organize my life a bit – well actually my closet and my garage… But it felt a bit like my life!

Daria Harvey came and made everything sooooooooo much amazingly better!! In a completely amazing, helpful, and totally non-judgmental way, she decluttered and organized everything. I’m going to be able to park in my garage and I now know where all of my belts are.

Helpful and Non-Judgmental

I am a friend and a client.  Firstly I have been visiting and admiring Daria’s beautiful home for years, wishing mine was as cleverly decorated, “organized” and tidy.  After discussing my many unfinished house projects that I cannot seem to find the time to complete, I hired Daria to work with me on my family room.  She did both the shopping and the work!  Her keen eye and fresh perspective provided wonderful input as she offered tips and suggestions for all areas of my home.

My husband and I so appreciated the new look in our family room that we had Daria do her magic on my husband’s new office.  Yet another success!  We cannot say enough good things about Daria’s talent with decorating and organizing.

Thank you Daria so much.

Keen Eye and Fresh Perspective

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