The 5 Best Ways to Keep Clutter Away

Clutter can be overwhelming. The new move into a more minimal lifestyle emphasizes that when we get rid of a life of too much ‘stuff’, we live more freely. Keep clutter away and you will be able to focus on … Read More

Break In Your New House to Make It Feel Like Home

Congratulations on your new home!     There’s something satisfying about that moment after you’re finally done carrying boxes, and you are really home. Except… your new house isn’t always going to feel like home. There’s kind of a reason … Read More

Cut Clutter by Saying No

When I tell people I am a professional organizer they often exclaim “boy do I need you!” What follows is usually a description of the room that is overflowing with clutter in their home. (Master bedroom closets, pantries, and garages … Read More

How to Sustainably Dispose of Clutter

As simple as it is to throw all your clutter into the garbage, it might not be the most sustainable option. Think about it — Americans create anywhere between 250 and 400 million tons of trash every single year, and … Read More

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