Bring Order To Your Home with These Tips

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Your home should be a place of peace and relaxation, but a lack of order and organization might be keeping you from reaching bliss at home. It can be hard to pick a starting place when looking to bring order to your house, but here are some simple projects you can start at any time. By undertaking small projects, you can bring order to your house over time without being overwhelmed.


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New Colors

Colors play a large role in creating the atmosphere of a room. If you are looking to change the feel of a room, consider changing the wall color to give the space a new vibe. Green rooms are generally described as productive spaces where time passes quickly. Red rooms bring feelings of passion and inspiration. Neutral colors can help create a calm mood which is perfect if you are looking to create a calming orderly space.


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When shopping for new paint, look for paint with low amounts of VOCs or volatile organic compounds. VOCs are partially responsible for the toxic fumes paint produces and should be avoided when possible. Instead, opt for water-based paint with organic pigments.


Put Away or Throw Out Clutter

Clutter is usually a major source of disorder in a home. Clutter can make a room feel small, cramped, and busy. No one wants to spend time in a cluttered room. Eliminating clutter can go a long way towards making your house more orderly. However, before you can put away the clutter in your house, you need to decide the purpose of each room.


Take some time to go through the rooms of your house and write down what happens in each room. There will likely be two or three major purposes for each room and those purposes will inform what items should live in a specific room. If an article of clutter does not serve the purpose of a room, it shouldn’t be there. If a piece of clutter doesn’t contribute to a purpose in any room, throw it out.


Create a designated place for shoes, jackets, mail, keys, books, and other clutter to live in rooms that make sense. Instead of tossing your jacket on your couch or bed, add a coat rack near the front door so you can easily hang up and put on your jacket without contributing to clutter. A small box for papers helps keep mail organized so you don’t misplace important letters like bills or bank statements. Create systems that make finding and using items in your house easier while organizing and limiting clutter.


Quick and Easy Cleaning

Big cleaning projects are often so daunting it is easy to put them off for another day ensuring nothing is ever cleaned. By breaking up cleaning projects into smaller tasks, you increase the odds of something actually being cleaned. Here are 3 easy cleaning projects you can do in less than 30 minutes.


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  1. Sprinkle baking soda on dirty window tracks and drizzle vinegar on top. When the mixture starts bubbling, let is sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping it off to reveal clean window tracks.
  2. Cut a lemon in half and place it in a cup with some cinnamon. Microwave the cup for 5-10 minutes on the lowest power setting to disinfect and clean your microwave while eliminating bad odors.
  3. Mix together baking soda and vegetable oil to create a thick paste. Spread the paste over hardened fat or grease and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Use a soapy rag to wipe the paste off.


Bringing order to your house is important when creating an environment where you can relax and unwind. By using new colors, eliminating clutter, and keeping your home clean, you easily can bring order to your house.


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