The 5 Best Ways to Keep Clutter Away

Clutter can be overwhelming. The new move into a more minimal lifestyle emphasizes that when we get rid of a life of too much ‘stuff’, we live more freely. Keep clutter away and you will be able to focus on what really matters. Whether this is a hobby we really love, a spiritual path we would love to embark upon or a debt (and anxiety) free lifestyle, we improve our quality of life when we reduce clutter.


The 5 Best Ways to Keep Clutter Away


The idea of keeping clutter away may seem unconventional at first. However, writers such as Oliver James have explored how ‘Affluenza’ or the search for more – more belongings, a higher level of success, or even a more youthful appearance – leads to unhappiness, anxiety and stress. Clearly, clutter is not the answer to a happier or more fulfilled mind. With this in mind, we may ask ourselves about the best ways to keep clutter away.


Focus on what you love

The psychologist James Hillman once wrote that we cannot get enough of what we don’t need. When we search for happiness in products like a hardwood floor vacuum (which is marketed to us), we often search for happiness in the items we acquire. When we feel dissatisfied, we carry on the search. Marketing messages may also make us feel ashamed of some of the products we already own. Focusing on what we love gives us immunity. When we spend time on our passions, we make ourselves happy. We don’t need to search for the answers by acquiring new products or searching for new solutions. Whether it is cycling, photography, art, reading, walking in nature, swimming or playing music, spend time doing what you love. This will help to keep your life clutter-free.


Embrace your beauty

Oliver James explains that we often wish to feel attractive, and so will buy a great many products in order to come across well to others. These include new, trendy, clothes, styling products, creams and potions. By embracing our natural beauty, eating well and keeping ourselves healthy from the inside, we are able to take better care of our physical bodies. Rather than see our bodies as objects, we can focus on the wonders our bodies achieve all of the time. By staying in touch with our bodies, we are able to explore our own natural beauty. This helps us to reduce clutter, improve our self-esteem and save money while keeping our lives clutter free.


Spend time outside

Ecopsychologist Theodore Roszak explains that human beings have a natural sense of belonging to outdoor spaces. Nature often helps us feel better during times of crisis. It will also help us to feel sensuous and alive. Whether it is the sound of birds in the morning, the babble of a brook or a walk in the woods, being outside soothes us. Organic shapes feel comfortable and enjoyable. While we spend time in nature, there is no real need to own what we see. We may pick wild strawberries or harvest nuts, but we often gain deep enjoyment simply by being out of doors. This will assist us in clearing our thoughts. We can also satisfy ourselves without spending time in the mall.


Learn to play

Researcher Brene Brown shares that in order to live a wholehearted life, we need to embrace our playful sides. Play helps us to laugh, dance, enjoy our relationships and take a break from our worries. When we play, we clear our minds of clutter. We also create a sense of joy or celebration. Play lets go of tension and assists us to embrace the joy that already exists within us. As Dr Patch Adams showed us, we can find joy and happiness even in difficult circumstances. When we are tired, when we have been overworking, when we simply want to connect with those around us, play is the answer.


The life changing magic of tidying up

Once you’ve found what brings you joy and you no longer search for happiness in products, you will be free to live a clutter filled life. In The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, writer Marie Kondo shares that we often feel most relaxed when our homes are free of clutter, well organized and efficient. While we spend time on holiday, we often feel relaxed and free. We enjoy good food, basic necessities, comfortable furniture and lots of recreation time. We are free to enjoy ourselves. Marie Kondo stresses that by purging what we do not need, we are able to fully appreciate those items we either need or truly love. A minimalist life does not mean that we deprive ourselves. Instead, we are often free to feel a deeper appreciation of what we have. When we feel a deep appreciation for what we own, we feel settled in our lives. Extra space gives us room to think. Understanding what we need and love reduces the pressure on our bank balances. This, in turn, reduces our stress.


There are many different ways to reduce clutter. Whether we have cluttered homes, cluttered thoughts or feel overburdened by our duties, by embracing our joys, we are able to free ourselves of the Affluenza virus, embracing our true freedom. This will reduce our stress, help us to create order and harmony in our lives and bring us joy. What more could we ask for than a clutter-free life?



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