The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organization Products

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When a relative, friend or client asks me to look in their kitchen cabinets and suggest ways to organize them I immediately think of several products that will create more space and maximize storage. The right products will go a long way to making your kitchen more functional thus making it easier to find what you need, and easier to put items away. What does this ultimately mean for you? More time on the fun stuff, less time searching for the lid that matches your tupperware. These are the best kitchen cabinet organization products in my opinion. (Don’t forget to check out my list of favorite kitchen cabinet organizers on Amazon!)


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Pot and Pan Organizers

Pots and pans seem to be one of the most difficult items to organize. They are bulky. One idea is to store them vertically with the Heavy Duty Pots and Pans Organizer.  

I know, brilliant, right?

If your cabinet is not tall enough try the SimpleHouseware Kitchen Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack.


Speaking of pot lids, if you have room in between your kitchen cabinet door and the shelf, this is an awesome way to store pot lids:


Cutting Boards and Sheet Pans

I often see people stack their cutting boards or sheet pans on top of each other. This makes it very hard to select the one you need. This YouCopia rack is the answer. These are also great for serving platters.


Or, try this SimpleHouseware over the door holder:


Water Bottles, Travel Mugs and Tea Cups

I love about the following organizing products because, one, they make your bottles, mugs, or cups easy to grab. Two, they utilize the vertical space in your cabinet. Three? They prohibit you from having a crazy amount of water bottles, travel mugs or tea cups.

mDesign Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder  These come apart so it can be two, three, or four sections high depending on the height of your shelf. These work for water bottles and travel mugs.

Furkovia Retro Home Storage Mug Hooks  Usually we keep our coffee cups on the shelf and there’s so much wasted space above them. Fixed!



Most of us have an impressive collection of spices. (This is a great thing to declutter by the way. Get rid of the expired spices! Always buy a smaller container since spices are freshest for just six months after purchase.) How to store these near your stove without taking over an entire cabinet? Try the YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30 Bottle Spice Organizer:

Or the Spicy Shelf Deluxe if you have more than 30 bottles of spices.

Personally, I love to decant mine into matching glass jars. They look so pretty! (Be sure to write the date of purchase on a garage sale sticker and apply to the bottom so you know when to discard!) Try these from Swommoly:


Under the Kitchen Sink

If you don’t store cleaning products under your sink you message me right away! Cause you’re the first. Every home I have ever gone into (and I’ve been in lots) has stored their cleaning products under the sink. But it very easily gets messy. That’s because most people don’t utilize the full height of that space. A two tier shelf is the answer:


Sorbus 2 Tier Organizer Basket (perfect for kitchen or bath!)


Unique Products for Unique Situations

I could go on for days showing you cool organizing products. But you have a life to live. So head over to my favorite kitchen cabinet organizers list on Amazon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with 2 cool products for very common problems in the kitchen.

Dread your Lazy Susan no more with mDesign Lazy Susan Storage Bins:


Disgusted that your Tupperware lids are all over the place? You will love the InterDesign Cabinet Binz 3 Compartment Lid Organizer!

I hope like my list of the best kitchen cabinet organization products. Hopefully this has inspired you to get your kitchen cabinets under control. Money spent on organizing products is money well spent in my book. Ultimately you are buying more time and more sanity because you can find what you need, when you need it, and put it away easily. Ah.


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