How to Organize Your Bedroom: Maximum Storage in a Calm Oasis

Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm. A place to escape the hectic world. A sleep-inducing paradise. How to create such a room? Read on for bedroom organizing tips that will show you how to maximize space in several key areas of your bedroom. It’s time to for create your ideal bedroom.


Bedroom Organizing:

Maximum Storage in a Calm Oasis



Organize Your Bedroom: Maximum Storage in a Calm Oasis


First, clear out anything from your bedroom that does not belong there. Leftover holiday decorations that need to go to the attic? Work files? (Gasp!) Your bedroom is for sleeping and reading. I recommend that you do not have a TV in the bedroom. Bad for sleep and bad for marital relations and I’m leaving it at that.

After clearing out items that do not belong, next clear off the top of your dresser and night stand. When you walk in the room you do not want to see piles of mail or other clutter on this surface. It’s just going to stress you out.

Now let’s talk about how to organize specific areas of your bedroom. (I’m not going to address the master closet here. That’s a whole ‘nother long issue.)

The Night Stand

The top of your nightstand should have items that you find beautiful or necessary for sleep. Like a pretty alarm clock. A vase of flowers etc.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT keep your phone on your night stand if at all possible. The temptation to check it is too great. The beeps and bings are disrupting. My daughter is in college so I want to be available to her in case of an emergency. I have blocked all other notifications after 10 p.m. except from her (and my mom). Nevertheless, the phone is slightly away from me in the bathroom.

The drawer in your nightstand could contain a few things you might need as you wind down your day. Sleep ritual necessities.

  • a small journal and pen
  • Pure Factory Naturals Bergamot Ginger Heel Balm-It smells heavenly!
  • lip balm
  • cuticle oil pen-I can’t grow nails to save my life but I’m hoping this will help!
  • Good Night Essential Oil-After a deep inhale, a drop goes on the inside of each wrist because I sleep with my hands near my face. The aroma instantly relaxes me.
  • hand lotion

If you don’t have a night stand with a drawer, a cute basket or bin can hold your sleep ritual necessities.

Really low on space in your bedroom?  Use a small dresser as a night stand.

The Dresser

Again, the top of your dresser should not be cluttered. This is a good place for a jewelry box or a display of your perfume.

I recommend pulling everything out of your dresser drawers. Why not add some pretty shelf liner while you’re at it. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull open your dresser drawers and be greeted by lovely paper?

Next,  organize so that the clothes are not spilling out of the drawers or shoved in so tightly you don’t know what you own. Some tips and great products to consider:

  • Roll your t-shirts a la Marie Kondo (it really does save space and they won’t wrinkle)
  • Lift N Find clothing dividers will make your dresser drawers uber organized
  • Simple Housewares mold proof fabric drawer organizers are great for keeping socks, underwear, and bras organized

It’s basic physics, if you have too many items to fit into your dresser nicely either relocate some of them or perhaps it’s time to purge some of your t-shirts and socks.

Under the Bed

In a perfect world, nothing would be under the bed. However, this is valuable real estate if you are tight on space in your bedroom. Instead of foregoing this space, use it wisely with under the bed drawers. This is a good place to store:

  • out of season bedding
  • off season clothing
  • off season shoes
  • toys
  • spare mattress for overnight guests
  • gift wrapping paper

Personally, I store my dining table leaves under the bed. They are supposed to lay flat so they won’t warp. We don’t need them often so this is a flat out of the way space.

As 30 Best Bedroom Storage Ideas by Happy DIY Home knows, not only under the bed but using the headboard can even help with storage. Definitely check out this comprehensive list of storage ideas for your bedroom.

Other Storage Ideas

If you need more storage in your bedroom, check out these ideas:

The folks over at Morning Chores have 19 Space Saving DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas you’ll want to check out as well.

Use these ideas to transform your bedroom into a relaxing, tranquil space while maximizing storage at the same time. For even more ideas on how to make our bedroom a relaxing oasis, head over to this post on Their post is chock full of ideas! You’ll only sleep more soundly!

Wishing you peaceful slumber,

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  1. Janet Barclay

    I keep my phone on my nightstand in case of an emergency during the night, but I think I’ll start leaving it on the dresser instead, to eliminate the temptation to check it as soon as I wake up. Thanks for the tip!

    • Daria Harvey

      You’re welcome Janet! When I put mine in the bathroom I put the volume on all the way so I know I’ll hear it, but then I can’t reach over to constantly check social media. Here’s to peaceful sleep 🙂

  2. Sabrina Quairoli

    Great tips, Daria! My bed is off the floor about 1 foot and open for everyone to see. That’s a way to keep from storing stuff under my bed and it’s worked for 20+ years. =)

    • Daria Harvey

      Lol! Yes, that would do it!

  3. Jill Robson

    I totally agree with everything you just said, i convinced a client to take their tv out of their bedroom, and come together as a family to watch it, much happier all round.

    • Daria Harvey

      Good for you Jill! It’s too easy to be mindless in front of the TV and rot away the hours.

  4. Olive Wagar

    It is such a nice touch to add pretty paper to your dresser drawers! I was also amazed at how efficiently you can organize your clothing when rolled up Marie Kondo style. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with POBC readers!!

    • Daria Harvey

      Thank you Olive! It’s such a nice little happiness boost when you open your drawers and see pretty paper! Thanks for reading!

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