5 Essential Organizing Tools for Your Home

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Whenever I enter a client’s home to discuss organizing a specific area, I encourage them to hold off on purchasing cute bins and baskets, files and folders, and all the other beautiful organizing products they see in the stores. Why? Because the first rule of organizing is to declutter first. There is no reason to organize things you don’t need. That being said, there are some essential organizing tools I use time and time again in clients’ homes after the decluttering process is complete. These 5  tools    for an organized home.


5 Essential Organizing Tools


Clear Hanging Shoe Pocket Organizer

The back of a door is valuable real estate. And these clear shoe pocket organizers can hold a lot of stuff. I put them on the back of practically every door in the home such as the hall coat closet, bedroom closet doors, bathroom closet doors, and the back of the laundry room door. This is the king of essential organizing tools in my book. These can hold:

  • power cords
  • mittens and hats and other cold weather gear
  • shoes of course! as well as scarves, workout gear etc.
  • makeup, skin care items, hair care items etc.
  • cleaning supplies
  • really this list is endless-anywhere you want a clutter free zone


Clear Handled Baskets

Clear baskets with handles are great for grouping similar items for easy retrieval. Simply pull out the basket, select what you need, and slide it back into place. As pictured here, they’re great for the refrigerator.  They can also be used:

  • in the pantry to hold breakfast bars, oatmeal packets, tea, individual bags of chips etc.
  • under the kitchen sink to hold often used cleaners
  • under the bathroom sink to hold hair products you use every day

Have a narrow but deep cabinet in your kitchen? Perhaps where you keep spices? They make a clear handled basket for spices!


OXO Airtight Containers

I have built up my supply of OXO Airtight Containers over time. Hands down this is a worthy investment. Not only do they keep food fresh, resulting in less waste, their stackability allows you to utilize the full height of your pantry shelves. So many times in my clients home I see  a lone box of raisins and 10 inches of wasted space on top. Put that space to use!

Under the Bed Storage

Under the bed is a perfect place to store seasonal items or items you want access to, but only occasionally. Zippered under bed storage bags are breathable, inexpensive, and invaluable to the organized home.  Another essential organizing tool. I’ve used them to store:

  • off season blankets
  • off season sweaters or shoes
  • gift wrapping supplies
  • large artwork that might otherwise get crushed
  • toys!!


The Mighty Command Hook

Where would any household be without the Command Hook? So many types and sizes! I typically use a lot of these Command Hooks:

Command Hooks












Some of the ways I have used these:

  • On the inside door of my under the sink kitchen cabinet to hold
    • a dishtowel
    • my scrub brush
    • e-cloth multipurpose towel and the glass shining cloth
    • dust mitt-also by e-cloth
  • On the inside door of a cabinet in my garage to hold my Norwex mop heads (both wet and dry)
  • Stuck out of sight on the side of my dryer to hold a lint removal brush
  • On the inside of the closet door in my bathroom to hold my dry brush and another to hold my cleaning gloves

The possibilities are endless, right? And that’s just for THIS type of Command Hook! I also use the picture hanging strips for all but my heaviest pictures and the clips to hold power cords near along baseboards or the backs of furniture to hide them.

While The Container Store really is more exciting to me than shoe shopping, one can go overboard buying cute bins and boxes. However, having a few of these essential organizing tools will make all the difference in keeping a tidy, organized home.


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