5 Easy Steps to Switching Your Wardrobe

It’s a rare person who has a closet large enough to keep all their clothing inside. The vast majority of us face the daunting twice a year task of switching our wardrobes. But if you follow a logical process, this switching your wardrobe will be easy-and fun!


5 Easy Steps to Switching Your Wardrobe


5 Easy Steps to Switch Your Wardrobe


 Gather Your Supplies

  1. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, or pour yourself a glass of wine ūüôā You’ll be in your closet for a bit and might be makings some tough decisions. Make it a fun occasion by giving yourself a little treat!
  2. You’ll need a box (preferably) or a bag for clothes that will be sent to a local charity or thrift store.
  3. If you purchase high end clothing, you’ll need a box for clothes that you will be selling via a consignment store or online.
  4. Grab a pen and a pad of paper. On the first page you’ll be writing down exactly what is going to charity for tax purposes. The next page is to list what you need to purchase to round out your wardrobe. Maybe your little black dress is a little too old or a little too tight. ¬†Write down that you’ll need a new one. This is also the place for those “a-ha!” moments. Realize you could make four new outfits if you just had a solid red scarf? Write it down!


Supplies for Seasonal Clothing Switch
My donations go to Guardian Angel since they give all profits to Alzheimer’s Research.



Purge Party!

  1. I always tell clients, at the beginning of the season, put all your hangers on the rod backwards. Then, when you’ve worn a piece of clothing, place it on the hanger facing the right way. At the end of the season, you’ll be able to see exactly which pieces you never wore. This makes purging so much easier.
  2. If you haven’t done this, then start to go through your closet, piece by piece, and remove clothing that is worn out, too small, or that you simply don’t like anymore. ¬†Let go of the guilt. ¬†I promise you less is more when it comes to clothing! ¬†And don’t forget your shoes! ¬†Do they hurt your feet? ¬†Out of style? ¬†Simply tired of them? That IS okay, you know. ¬†Time to say goodbye.


The number 1 reason people have clutter-in any area of the home-is that they save items they might need some day.  Some day usually never comes.

The number 1 reason people have clutter-in any area of the home-is that they save items they might need some day. Some day usually never comes. Click To Tweet

Remove Last Season’s Items

  1. Here in North Carolina, our weather can be wonky. 75 one day, 50 the next. However, there are some items I know I won’t wear no matter the temperature-they’d just look funny if I wore them in March: corduroy, that fur vest I got for a steal (!!) and dark, heavy sweaters.
  2. Where to store your out of season clothes? My hubby commandeered the guest room closet so he simply walks over and rehangs his. Wha?!! Me, I gently fold mine and place them in Sterilite tubs with cedar blocks to keep the bugs away.
  3. This goes for shoes too. Tall boots? Suede shoes? It’s time to put them away. I keep my out of season shoes in clear shoe box size stackable bins¬†and place them on a high shelf in my closet. As for boots, I put pillow cases over mine¬†so they won’t get dusty. I want the leather to be able to breathe so I don’t put them back in their boxes. If you don’t have room for this, under the bed boot storage boxes are a great alternative.
  4. And if you’re in the groove and just loving life right now, go through your scarfs, handbags and jewelry too. ¬†Hey, you’re on a roll!


See you next year!



Sit, Sip, and Take a Look

This is the best part! Now that your closet is on the empty side, take a moment to sip your coffee, tea, or wine and take stock of how your closet is organized. Is there room for improvement? Are you using all spaces-including behind the door, up high on the walls? I always tell clients-look UP. There’s usually loads of space that could be utilized with the addition of a few shelves.

Do a little Pinterest search. Dream a little. Write on that pad of paper any ideas you have for making your closet more efficient or pretty. Make a note of any items you need to purchase.


Put In This Season’s Items

As you’re adding this season’s¬†items to your closet, be sure to be honest with yourself. If you notice a pair of shorts you knew you never wore last summer, or a top your mother gave you but you really just can’t stand, go ahead and add that to your thrift pile. Be ruthless! When you walk into a closet where you love every single piece of clothing, not only will you feel awesome, but you’ll be able to combine pieces of clothing in ways that never would have occurred to you! Happened to me when I went through this process in the fall.


Ready for Spring
Apparently I like navy for Spring!



And voila! A closet ready to go!

How to Handle Hand Me Downs

A special note for a friend who asked how to handle hand-me-downs for her three boys.

  1. Go through your youngest child’s closet first. All the clothes that don’t fit him/her will go to the thrift store.
  2. Move on to your next youngest child. The clothes that don’t fit him should be placed in tubs for the youngest child for next season. ¬†Put those tubs in the youngest child’s closet or at least label with his name. For example, when you do this process now you will have fall and winter clothes for your youngest child. When fall and winter comes, you can discard anything that doesn’t fit if there’s been a crazy growth spurt.
  3. Remember to be ruthless here as well. If you have a shirt in your hand that you couldn’t get the stain out of, don’t put it in the tub for your youngest child. Time to say goodbye.
  4. Use a notepad here too! When you’ve only put two pairs of jeans in the tub for your youngest child, you know that won’t be enough when fall arrives. Make a list so you can hit those sales early in the season.
  5. Move on to your third child etc. Repeat this process for as many children as you have.

Having a closet ready to go is a wonderful thing. I want to look good, but I don’t want to spend twenty minutes in my closet looking for clothing to make an outfit. I want to choose my fabulous outfit (hee hee) and be on to the next fun thing!

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Now get into that closet! Happy organizing!

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