3 Simple Hacks That Will Help You Have a More Organized Home

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Is everyone around you busy tidying up? Are you thinking about sparking some joy of your own? Decluttering and cleaning your home can indeed make you happier, but getting those tasks done can feel like a real chore. So, how can you make decluttering easier and get more of it done? You can get started by using these tips to simplify your organizing and tidying efforts.

3 Simple Hacks that Will Help You Have a

More Organized Home

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Learn How to Squeeze Extra Storage into Even Smaller Spaces


Sometimes, having a cluttered home is not about having too much stuff. It’s more about having places to put the stuff you truly need. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, this may be a source of pain for you, but there are some simple organizing hacks that can help soothe it. Read through online organizing guides, and then take a good look around your home. See some space underneath your bed? Slide some trunks or crates filled with clothing, bedding, or other goods there. Wooden or even milk crates can be repurposed for a variety of storage needs, including ottomans with space inside. If you spot a bare wall, you can also take your storage to new heights with some DIY custom shelves. Something as simple as a quilting hoop can quickly be transformed into a display for collectibles, or you can use those extra wooden crates you have to make shelves of any size to fit your needs.


Make Downsizing a Goal of Your Overall Decluttering Plans


Creating more storage is a great way to make room for the stuff you can’t part with just yet. Most folks, however, have a lot more than what they need to live comfortably in their homes. Clearing out some of that excess will allow you to minimize stress in your life by embracing a minimalist lifestyle. By pulling everything out and taking stock of what you really own, you can more clearly see your spending habits and your focus on acquiring more stuff. That excess doesn’t actually make you happier, so be prepared to find responsible ways to get rid of it. Donations are always a nice gesture for items that are still usable, but you can also put some cash into your pocket by selling your items. Hop online or use an app to sell items one by one, or think about hosting a garage sale.


Keep Your Home Clean After You Spend Time Decluttering


Whew! Decluttering and organizing your entire home takes some hard work! If you’re finally done and have everything tucked away, you should be proud. Just be sure to give some thought to how you will keep things tidy from here on out. If you have a hard time knowing what and when to clean, use an online cleaning guide to help you figure out what needs cleaning the most and what you should spend less time on during your tidying sessions.

It’s a good idea to wipe down your most-touched surfaces, such as bathroom counters and appliance handles, several times throughout the week. If you are spending hours washing your curtains or dusting light fixtures, you can probably scale back. Of course, you will need cleaning solvent to wipe down those surfaces, and since you’re short on space, opt for multipurpose cleaners. You can actually make your own all-purpose cleaning solution out of natural, gentle ingredients that are safe for your family. Pair that natural cleaner with some stylish cleaning tools, and you are guaranteed to have more fun keeping your home clean and tidy.


Having a tidier home means less stress and more joy for you and your family. Best of all, getting organized doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. You can use simple tricks to streamline your stuff and keep your home clean and organized. So, don’t think you have to settle for more mess and stress in your home. Instead, get to work tidying it up and bringing more happiness to your life.

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