20 Insanely Smart Ways to Organize Your Small Kitchen

Organizing a small kitchen can be extremely difficult and because of this reason, most have decided not to try. While we all agree that a tiny kitchen can be a setback when it comes to proper organization, there are tested and clever ways you can organize that small kitchen of yours into something beyond your imagination. In this piece, we will make a list of about twenty clever methods that you can use to organize your kitchen no matter how little it is.


20 Insanely Smart Ways to Organize Your Small Kitchen



  1. Make use of DIY drawer dividers

These drawers will solve the counter clutter problem in your kitchen.  Drawer dividers provide you with a place to store most of your utensils.

  1. Add an under sink storage shelf

A small kitchen definitely needs extra space to store essentials. Add an under sink shelf. There are tons of these shelves and they come with an adjustable framework that lets them fit perfectly under any dimension of sink.

  1. Make use of a kitchen pegboard

Besides the fact that this is a very smart way of storing your pans and pots, these kitchen pegboards are stronger than the regular pegboards which ensures that your pans and pots do not crash down.

  1. Give the surface of your kitchen cupboard a purpose

You can hang items like your cooking spoons, silicone microwave covers, and measuring spoons on the inside of your cupboards.

  1. Add toekick drawers

With small kitchens, you definitely need extra space to store large items like muffin tins and baking trays. You can maximize the space beneath your cupboard by adding toekick drawers which will help store large items like those mentioned above.

  1. Make use of a kitchen organizer rail

If a kitchen pegboard would eat up too much of your space, you can use organizer rails to keep items like pans, pots, cutleries, baskets etc. Interestingly, these kitchen rails are removable and also strong.

  1. Use magnetic knife racks

This rack clears the counter clutter and at the same time keeps your children safe from potential injuries. These racks are ideal because they not only create space, they also make your kitchen organized.

  1. Take advantage of every bit of available space

Hang corkboards on your cabinet door. Use wire cabinet dividers to take advantage of the full height of your shelves. Do not leave any space unused.

  1. Make use of moldable glue

You can use any of the available moldable glues like Sugru to create pot lid holders on cabinets. Moldable glue can be placed at the inside of your cabinet to store pot lids as well as other flat items.

  1. Strategically make use of cabinets

Generally, there are some kitchen items that you do not use daily or weekly. Keep them separate from the items you make use of daily. This does not just organize your kitchen, it saves you the time of having to go through various items before seeing the exact one you need.

  1. Do not over-pack your cabinets

Keep track of the food and snacks you have at hand by creating rows for various items. For example, place canned items on the middle row, snacks on the lower cabinet row while the upper row might be left for items you plan to use in the future.

  1. Nestle your utensils together

Nestle items likes forks, spoons etc. so that they fit perfectly together and take up less space.

  1. Look above

Look above the range. You can always store cooking utensils like pots, pans and other things you need at your stovetop, ensuring that these are easy to reach.

  1. Make use of a bench

Nook benches save more space than chairs. Not only does it save you space, it doubles as a storage! Store items you need less often or only at the holidays in these benches.

  1. Always be creative and narrow-minded

With the size of your kitchen in mind, you have to be as creative and narrow-minded as possible. The space between your fridge and the wall could be an extra space to store item such as canned goods. You can use flat cabinets to store these canned products.

  1. Use smaller baskets

Use smaller baskets to store boxed food items. Just pull out the basket and select what you need.  In addition, baskets make the pantry or cupboard look tidier.

  1. Select a hollow island

This well-designed cabinet could also be vital storage where food items and utensils can be stored. This cabinet gives your kitchen an organized, attractive look and also saves space for other items to be stored elsewhere.

  1. Be creative

Your kitchen items do not have to be used for their original purpose. Place favorite coffee cups on the windowsill. Think outside of the box.

  1. Make use of your wall

You can turn wasted wall space to a storage facility for your kitchen utensils. Perhaps hang cutting boards on the wall as decoration. This not only saves you enough space to store other items, it makes your kitchen organized.

  1. Use pan dividers

Pan dividers can be used to store pans, lids, or cookie sheets. This will save you a considerable amount of time and energy finding what you need and at the same time make your kitchen organized.

Small kitchen? No problem. Using these tips, it is within your power to have an organized kitchen no matter how small it may be.


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