15 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces Based on the Lagom lifestyle

As New Year’s Eve approaches it grants an opportunity to refresh and create resolutions for the next chapter in our lives. This could include examing our current lifestyle, fitness level or career goals and acknowledging that a little organization and goal-setting could make a big impact. 


One common resolution is to be more organized in your home or workspace. Since your environment attributes to your well being and mental space, decluttering can be a great exercise in order to focus on what is most important or brings you the most value. Start small by taking a look at your environment and see if adding a little structure would make you feel more at peace and confident. 


That being said, decluttering to some may seem easier said then done, especially if you have a smaller home or apartment. Fortunately, using the Lagom lifestyle concept as a guide can help you make decisions on what should stay and what should go. The Swedish word ‘Lagom’ means just the right amount – not too much, and not too little and is all about creating a better, happier and more balanced life. 


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If you are interested in setting a resolution you won’t abandon by February, choose some easy habits that you can incorporate into your daily life. For example, TurboTenant has rounded up 15 easy ways for organizing small spaces using the Lagom method. Most of these can be done quickly on a day to day basis and once done repeatedly will turn into a normal habit. 


Read more to learn about small space organizing Lagom style: how to transform your small and cluttered spaces into a place of balance and mindfulness. 


Everything Should Have a Designated Space 

Exercise finding a permanent home for all of your belongings. Not only does this help you find things when you need them, but it helps to limit clutter that can build up on surfaces and floors.


Purge Often and Refuse Gifts


Sure, a giant exercise ball sounds fun, but when are you actually going to sit on that? Where is it going to be stored? These are important questions to ask yourself to avoid clutter.


Pick Up Every Day

Don’t leave the junk mail on the table, it’s unsightly and takes up limited surface space. It’s important to pick up after yourself every single day.

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Store Your Appliances on a Bar Cart 

Instead of constantly moving heavy appliances around or setting up a dangerous chain of extension cords, repurpose furniture for something more suited to your needs.


Add a Towel Rack to the Side of the Fridge 

Repurpose free space on your fridge by installing a towel rack and small shelves.


Reuse Six-Pack Container for Sauces

Reuse beverage six-pack containers to store the condiment bottles more securely and take up less space. 

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Try Striped Wall Decor to Trick the Eye

Leverage wall decor to make your space appear larger. Adding vertical striped wallpaper can make a room appear taller, while horizontal stripes can make it seem wider.


Use a Blanket Hanger 

Reuse a ladder as a way to display stylish blankets. This is a great way to get more from less by minimizing space and multiplying function.


Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

Although some pieces may be pricier, invest in storage or other multi-use furniture pieces to salvage space in your home. 

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Use Hanging Totes as Laundry Baskets 

Hang laundry totes on your closet door to keep items off the floor. Smaller laundry containers help to limit the number of clothes you own as well as force you to do laundry more frequently.


Install a Shoe Hanger on the Back of a Door 

Hide your shoes behind a door to save on space and organize simultaneously.


Add a Bookshelf to Your Headboard 

Installing a shelf is an easy way to add a homey touch to your bedroom, as well as ensure your book collection is kept off the floor.



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Add a Pegboard to the Back of a Door 

Install a pegboard on the back of an office or bedroom door, and add hooks and small shelves for storage. 


Install a Sliding Medicine Cabinet 

Put up a medicine cabinet in place of, or in addition to, the typical wall mirror and add a sliding mirror component to access supplies and see your reflection. 


Hang Products on Your Shower Rod 

Add metal clips between the rings of you shower curtain where you can hang your bath products and save space on the shower floor.

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These Lagom lifestyle ideas are easy and ideally only require you to consider using normal appliances and furniture a different way then you did prior. We hope these Lagom-inspired tips will help you enjoy your small home to its full potential, and learn how to lead a more balanced, intentional lifestyle. Happy small space organizing Lagom style! 


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