12 Unbelievably Easy Items to Declutter NOW

When it feels like your house has exploded and you are drowning under clutter it can overwhelming. Where to start? Some items are a no-brainer to throw away.  And getting rid of this clutter will give you an instant boost!  Seeing one small area in your home purged, cleaned, and organized will inspire you to keep going.  Below is a quick, manageable list to get you started. Here are 12 unbelievably easy items to declutter NOW. Bring out the trash bags and donation bins!


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Mismatched Tupperware containers

Match up all your bottoms and tops and throw away the extra.  If you do not have the room to store the containers bottom and top together, stacked, then take the lids and put them in a bin.  Arrange them smallest to largest.  That way when you need a lid you can pull out the bin and select the one you need. Doesn’t that feel good? This is such an easy item to declutter!

I HIGHLY recommend you get rid of all your plastic containers and switch to glass.  Plastic breaks down over time and can release phthalates into your food, which are endocrine-disrupting chemicals.  I had no idea how scary this was until I read a few articles on the subject.  Click on the blue words above to learn more.

Expired spices

A client had both expired spices and medications in her lazy Susan. She was so happy to toss the spices I just kept hearing jars hit the trash can as I worked in the pantry. Remember spices are at their best within in six months of purchase. This is why I always get the smallest jar I can.

Expired Medications

As for medications, there are drop off locations throughout the U.S. When my father died several years ago he was in Hospice care and had quite a few prescriptions.  After he passed his nurse told us it was acceptable by U.S. law to dispose of them in the trash-as long as they are rendered unpalatable (i.e., no person or animal in their right mind would touch them.)  So we mixed the leftover medications with used coffee grounds and poured rubbing alcohol on them.  If you have a cat, just mix them with the used kitty litter.


These can add up fast. Before you know it, it’s like rabbits multiplying! When you read a magazine, remove pages that interest your or dog ear if you plan to pass on the magazine to a friend. Chances are there are only a few pieces of information you are truly interested in. Keep this information in digital form, perhaps. When I see a product I like to try, it goes into my “products to try” list in Evernote. Picture of a flower arrangement you’d like to copy? Just take a picture of it and upload to your computer. It’ll be there when you need it.

Anything Broken

I  used to keep a basket for “need to fix” items.  Until I figured out that if I was really upset when something broke, I fixed it right away.  The stuff that stayed in the basket, turns out I didn’t really need it anyway.

The Lonesome Earring

I always think I could make an earring into a brooch but jewelry making isn’t one of my hobbies.  How long have you been missing it’s partner? If it’s a long time, cut your losses.

Free Stuff from Companies

My hubby took my daughter to look for a used car.  They came back from the Ford dealership with these horrible baseball hats.  We ALREADY have too many hats around here!  So I put them in the charity pile.  Now, I have learned to kindly refuse when offered these types of “gifts.”

Dried up Nail Polish/ Make-Up You Don’t Use

If it’s the former, trash it.  If the make-up you don’t use is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local women’s shelter.  Some of those women flee an abusive situation with only the clothes on their back and would be happy to have a gently used blush.

Old Cell Phones

Take your old cell phones to your Sprint or Verizon dealer. They’ll wipe them clean and recycle them. Plus, you’ll get some money off your next bill! Even really old phones are worth a little.

Old Eye Glasses

Donate to www.thegiftofsight.org

Movies you will never watch, CD’s you will never listen to

It’s just a fact of life that most of us have gone digital with Netflix and Spotify etc. Consider donating these items. Someone who will not or cannot afford digital memberships will be very happy to have them.

Manual to items you no longer own

When I get a new appliance or any item with a manual, I put the manual into a plastic sleeve and file it in a binder.  If I ever need to access the manual, I know exactly where to find it.  If I sell that old robot my son never plays with I can send the manual to the new owner.


Why focus on easy items to declutter?

When you choose easy items to declutter you will get immediate gratification. This feeling of success builds upon itself. My guess is you’ll feel giddy every time you put something in the donation bin or the trash.
Another piece of advice I give overwhelmed clients is to start small. Start with visible clutter. Decide how much time you can reasonable spend each day to devote to decluttering. 15 minutes? That’s fine. Just choose time you know you’ll stick to. Set a timer and when it goes off, pat yourself on the back and do something else. Tomorrow, it’ll be easy to go back to decluttering because 15 minutes is so doable. Before you know it your home (and life) will be transformed!
You’ve got this!
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  1. Jennifer Bonnet

    After reading 12 easy things to declutter I attacked my Tupperware collection. Will be going to glass soon with so little Tupperware left! I also weeded out my Christmas wrap before I put it all away. Rolls I hadn’t used in a year or so I threw out.

    • Daria Harvey

      Isn’t it weirdly satisfying to get rid of old Tupperware?? I also switched to glass and I feel so much better storing and heating food in glass rather than plastic. Good job on the wrapping paper! You’ll be so glad to not see that old wrap next year!

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