Your Guide to Gratitude Journals

It’s Thanksgiving time.  A time when many people pause to be thankful for the blessings of this life.  Several of my friends post a daily something they are thankful for on Facebook.  We should all have a way to be thankful that fits our style.  As a writer, I wanted a journal.  I threw one together last year from a spare school notebook when I had an epiphany that I needed to reflect on all the blessings in my life, rather than focusing on the negative.  I wanted to re-orient my days toward happiness.  Then today I decided to spiffy it up a bit. In this post I’ll show you my gratitude journal as well as provide links to some other DIY journals gratitude projects.


Your Guide to Gratitude Journals


Your Guide to Gratitude Journals

Take Time to Reflect

We live in a world where being hectic and too busy is almost a badge of honor.  A world where anyone can post a knee-jerk rant on social media.  Where people are getting upset over the redesign of the Starbucks cup.  Isn’t is time we take a breath and be thankful for the abundance in our lives?

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I have worries and problems.  We all do.  Several years ago my father was in Hospice care.  My mom would have to say goodbye to the man she spent over 50 years with.  He was worried about how the end would come.  Yet there were blessings.  He went peacefully and we were all there (my mother, myself, and my three older brothers) in his final moment on earth.  I am grateful I was able to tell him how much I loved him, what a great dad he was, and promise to take care of my mother.

There are days we pray over friends and family members.  This worry takes a toll on us.  Yet if we take a breath and reflect we can come up with something, even small, that we are grateful for. And this helps us focus on our blessings and increases our happiness.

DIY Gratitude Journals

I highly recommend you create a gratitude journal.  It can be a hastily made notebook with a computer printed title.  But if you have time for a little DIY, here are some resources to help you make a stunning gratitude journal:

If you’d like a gratitude journal already made for you, grab my FREE 7 Day Gratitude Journal.

The Gratitude Jar

Maybe a journal is not for you.  Another idea is to make a gratitude jar.

Inspiration DIY

Somewhat Simple

Every Day Mom Ideas

Gratitude Crafts

Get your kids in on the action!

Make and Takes

North Texas Kids

Unique Gratitude Prompts

There are many ways you can write about gratitude.  It doesn’t have to be just “I am grateful for…” Also consider these prompts:

  • I have many wonderful people in my life.  25 people I am happy I know are…
  • There are small things in the world I love (like the red-bellied woodpecker).  100 things that make me smile are…
  • I’ve had experiences that have changed my life for the better.  One of these is…
  • How am I lucky/fortunate?
  • What talents do I have that I am glad for?
  • How have I helped someone recently?
  • How has someone helped me recently?
  • What material possessions am I glad that I have/that make my life better or easier?
  • What opportunities have I had in my life that I am grateful for?
  • Even if I learned it the hard way, is there a lesson I am grateful for?

Whether you choose a journal, jar, or other gratitude craft, or whether you choose to focus on what you are grateful for daily, weekly, or only on Thanksgiving Day, I think you’ll find that the happiness and peace in your heart is well worth the effort.  May you have many blessings this Thanksgiving Day and every day to come.


My Gratitude Journal

For my journal I used the following items:


I used the Stampin’ Up! “A Tree for all Seasons” set because I have a thing for trees and I wanted my journal to remind me to be thankful all year long.  I colored the tree images, cut them to size with my Cricut paper cutter and then chalked around the outside edge with yellow, to coordinate with the notebook.
Finally I printed some clip art and drew around the outside edge with a brown watercolor pencil, to coordinate with the journal.  Then I used a damp Q-tip to blur the edges.


Again, here’s the journal I put together quickly, but will enjoy seeing daily when I refocus and count my blessings.  I’d love to see the journals that you create!
However you choose to record your gratitude, I truly believe taking the time to reflect on the blessings of your life-no matter how large or small-will go a long way toward increasing your happiness. And that is worth the time for sure!

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