Spring Fresh Laundry

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry?  I’m a little crazy about things smelling good.  Have I shared that before? Here are some easy and inexpensive tips for spring fresh laundry all year long.

Anyway, I have a set laundry schedule and I wash towels twice a week. My kids seem to think they should only use a towel once. I figure I’m clean when I come out of the shower so I feel like we can use them for at least a few days. So imagine my horror when my towels started smelling musty and funny. Even after the first use! So I did a little research and came up with a crazy, wild method-that actually works!


Spring Fresh Laundry


Spring Fresh Laundry 600-x-900


Revive Musty Towels (or anything else for that matter)

  1. Place your clothes in the washing machine and dump a generous amount of baking soda in. About half a regular size box. Nothing else. Just the baking soda. I realize it’s weird.
  2. In the softener dispenser, place vinegar.

That’s it. Now wash. The baking soda and vinegar reacts like when we show our kids how a “volcano” works and bubbles all that nastiness out of there. No more musty smell. And the towels are fluffier! Who knew? Now we do!

When I’m doing my laundry with detergent, I want it to smell nice.  I was all about laundry scent boosters and fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  But I started to use essential oils which put me on a path to learning more about wellness overall.  And what I learned from a few podcasts (and then some Google searches) was downright scary.  I feel like standing in the laundry aisle at the grocery store and telling women (especially those with young children) “Don’t do it! There’s a better way!”

What is so scary?

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain many toxic chemicals. Maybe you already know about this.  I don’t want to ramble on because I know you all are busy. But if you want to learn more, this post from Thank Your Body is a good one.

If you read the Thank Your Body post, she has a link about why these chemicals are harmful. If you want to jump straight to this information, it is found on World Wire.

So what are some ways to help your laundry smell fabulous-naturally?


Make Your Own Laundry Scent Booster

  1. This couldn’t be easier.  Find a glass jar (I used a mason jar cause they’re so cute! And I got a case on sale from JoAnn’s a few years ago.)
  2. Fill the jar with Epsom salts and use 20 drops of your favorite essential oils. I made a blend of lavender (10 drops) and lemon (10 drops). It smells like a spa!
  3. Stir
  4. Let dry for a bit with the lid off
  5. Add about 2 tablespoons into each load of laundry. Or, as I do, just dump a bit in.
  6. Sit in your laundry room with a book and inhale that wonderful smell!


Laundry Scent Booster
Epsom salts and essential oils make laundry smell amazing


Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

  1. Again. Easy. Cut up some old fabric like a cotton pillowcase. Use pinking shears so it won’t fray. I have about 20 squares.
  2. Grab a glass container. You’ll see this time I used a glass Ziploc container.
  3. Add vinegar and about 16-20 drops of your favorite essential oils.  I used lemon and lavender again so the scent would match my Epsom salt scent booster. (You figured I had to be particular, right?)
  4. Soak the fabric squares. When it’s time to use them, simply squeeze out the excess fluid and toss in the dryer. I use about 10 per load.


DIY Dryer Sheets
Simple vinegar and essential oils replace toxic dryer sheets


Make Your Own Laundry Balls

I have already written a how-to post. It’s easy, economical and green. You can add essential oils to the dryer balls as well for a scent boost.


Wool Ball On Dryer


Make Your Own Detergent

I’ve written a how-to post about this as well.  It seems like it would be time consuming but it’s really not. I promise.


Easy Green Laundry Detergent



I hope these recipes help make laundry a little less of drudgery and a bit more fun.  Which recipe are you going to try first?

Enjoy your Spring Fresh Laundry!


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  1. Jandy
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this! I have been wondering how to take the chemicals out of my laundry process but was overwhelmed when I tried to research it myself.

    • Daria Harvey
      Daria Harvey
      | Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog post. I’m so glad I was able to provide these resources for you!

  2. Dawn
    | Reply

    Thanks Daria for all this great info! I’m going to get my supplies today!

    • Daria Harvey
      Daria Harvey
      | Reply

      Great Dawn! Let us know how the recipes are working for you and please let me know if you have any questions!

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