MidLife Lessons

Midlife crisis? Or midlife opportunity? In this section I'll discuss mindset, health, and lessons I've learned from the other side of 40.

10 Lessons I Learned in My 40s That Rocked My World
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My 40s have been a time of deep reflection for me.  I am grateful for where the trials, tribulations and joys of my life have led me. Here are the 10 lessons I learned in my 40s that rocked my … Read More

Finding Satisfaction in Our Work
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This is a guest post by Kimberly Sutor of Grace and Sass. Grace and Sass is about making our journey better – and a little easier – by walking with others. Through her blog you can find friends and share lots of … Read More

Letter from My Daughter: You Raised a Feminist
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My nearly 19 year old daughter had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed over winter break and it was gruesome! Swollen face. Bruises. Tears. On the bright side, we enjoyed lots of cuddle time on the couch, Gilmore Girls binging, and … Read More

How to Volunteer with Intention (and Say No Nicely)
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      Now that a new school year has started there will be a veritable feast of organizations and groups you can volunteer for. PTA, your child’s sport or activity-the list can seem endless. I was what I like to … Read More

10 Ideas to Survive Summer with Teens
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High school is not what it used to be. The pressure is unreal. No longer a place to explore what might be interesting to you, high school can easily be about advanced placement classes, worrying about your rank, and thinking … Read More

Your Guide to Gratitude Journals
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It’s Thanksgiving time.  A time when many people pause to be thankful for the blessings of this life.  Several of my friends post a daily something they are thankful for on Facebook.  We should all have a way to be … Read More